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With more than 8 million units sold in 2010, the iPad is without a doubt one of the hottest tablets on the market. When the iPad first hit the market, many business people considered using it for business purposes because it was unable to perform some of the functions you would find on a laptop. 

As technology changes every day, many business people make the decision to invest in iPad. One of the main reasons for this change of heart is the ability to add custom apps to the iPad. New applications are created every day to keep up with the business world. You can purchase bulk ipads online by clicking at:- 

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Best iPad in 2020: 10.2-inch iPad - Business Insider

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There are a wide range of reasons why more, more and more business people are turning to the iPad for day-to-day business rather than more traditional laptops. The main reason is the weight and size of the iPad. People who have to travel every day prefer to carry an iPad or similar tablet over a laptop. The iPad tablet weighs a few pounds and half a pound while the laptop weighs nearly six pounds.

The iPad is around 8×10, whereas most laptops have 14, 17, or 19-inch screens and are usually more than an inch thick. The next reason more business people choose the iPad over laptops is because of the presentation capabilities the iPad offers. 

With an iPad, you can give standalone presentations without a projector. It can also be used as a whiteboard and get ideas during a meeting, or while you are thinking about it, you can use it as a whiteboard and send your ideas to employees and colleagues.