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Why Salts Worldwide has the best fine sea salt

There are many varieties of sea salt available, but this article will look at why Halen mon, Fleur de sel, and Esprit du Sel are the best. If you’re looking for fine sea salt that is kosher and non-GMO, you’ve come to the right place. Christine Clark, a podcaster and cheese nerd, has more than 20 salt brands in her salt cabinet, and they’re all worth checking out.

Halen mon

You’ll never guess that there are 20 employees at the Anglesey-based Halen Mon sea salt company. It all started with a handful of salt crystals floating in the sea. But these crystals soon grew, and soon, they were being filtered through mussel and sand beds, giving Halen Mon the title of fine sea salt in the world. And the taste? Well, it’s simply delicious.

Esprit du Sel

Fleur de sel is a traditional finishing salt made from seawater. This salt is traditionally from the French Atlantic coast, though it is also produced in Portugal, Spain, and Canada. Its fine, powdery texture gives it an almost crystalline appearance and a delicate flavor. Fleur de sel is expensive, so it is typically reserved for garnishes or used as a finishing salt. If you’re not sure what type of salt you should buy, start with a simple overview of its characteristics.

Fleur de sel

Fleur de sel is a type of fine sea salt that traditionally comes from Brittany, France. The high moisture content of fleur de sel crystals makes it a popular choice among professional chefs. Due to its unique crystalline structure, this salt lingers without dissolving and adds a pleasant crunch and flavor to food. It complements a variety of foods.

Kosher salt

There are several reasons to buy gourmet kosher salt. The refined table salt that is used for every day cooking is mostly sodium chloride. But some countries add iodine to help prevent iodine deficiency. While kosher salt is generally not certified, it is often used for koshering food. Desiccation removes surface fluids from meat and poultry, while kosher salt is coarse and contains no anti-caking agents. Kosher salt contains a wide range of minerals from the sea water, which give it a unique and complex flavor profile.

Alderwood Smoked Salt

In addition to being a great seasoning for vegetables and meat, Alderwood Smoked Fine Sea Salt is an excellent accompaniment for desserts. This gourmet sea salt is made from the Pacific Ocean and slowly smoked above red alderwood fires. This centuries-old process produces a salt with a rich and complex flavor without any bitterness or harshness. Alderwood Smoked Fine Sea Salt is perfect for cooking and is packaged in a plant-based PLA paper bag.

Red Hawaiian salt

Alaea-Red Hawaiian fine sea salt is an authentic and luxurious selection from the island of Kauai. Made from pure, volcanic red alae clay, this salt brings an exotic touch to fine foods and stands up well to hearty dishes. It is ideal for use on grilled meats, as well as compound butter and BUNN Gourmet USDA Prime or Choice steaks. Moreover, this salt is an excellent accompaniment to fresh fruit and vegetables.

Cherrywood Smoked Salt

The rich taste and smoky aroma of Cherrywood Smoked Fine Sea Salt are sure to make your food sing. This sea salt is the favorite of chefs around the world, and is perfect for all types of cooking. Made using centuries-old methods, this sea salt has a delicate, slightly sweet flavor that complements grilled meat, broiled fish, and more. Its amber color makes it an ideal salt for your salt mill.