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Why I Dream Clean Has the Best Airbnb Enhanced Cleaning? The program builds on a proven track record of excellence. The majority of guests who review Airbnb listings report they are satisfied with the cleanliness of their properties. By following this protocol, hosts protect themselves, their guests, and their communities. Here are five key steps to a better cleaning experience. Read on to learn more. The first step is getting started: creating a sign for your business.

5 step cleaning process

The I Dream Clean enhanced cleaning process will require the deepest cleaning of the Airbnb rental properties. This five-step process includes sanitizing surfaces, using products containing 70% alcohol, wearing masks, and following local laws and cleaning guidelines. Enhanced cleaning will be mandatory for all hosts in 2021. If you’re looking to get your listing cleaned, this is a great opportunity to start. You can learn more about the Airbnb enhanced cleaning process here.

Corales Airbnb has a special Covid-19 protocol and dedicates a large portion of its cleaning process to Coronavirus prevention. The company also has a checklist to help them spot common guest problems and maintenance issues. I Dream Clean uses Covid-19 protocol in their process to keep Airbnb rentals as safe as possible. The cleaning handbook guides hosts through a double-check process. It also gives them a better understanding of how to avoid bacterial infections and other common problems.


The new Enhanced Cleaning protocol of Airbnb is designed to improve the cleanliness of homes and apartments for travelers. It was developed in conjunction with leading experts in the fields of medical hygiene and hospitality. The protocol is implemented in twelve countries so far, with more to follow shortly. There are five steps to the cleaning process, and room-by-room checklists for hosts and travelers. In addition to improving the cleanliness of homes, the new standard also helps protect travelers from mold and other health risks.

Guests who have booked with Airbnb will benefit from cleaners who have received special training and certification in the field. If your Airbnb listing has passed the certification test, your listing will be included in the Airbnb Enhanced Cleaning Initiative inventory. Airbnb is encouraging its hosts to complete a certification or learning program to become certified. This will help the company distinguish its Clean Listings from other listings. It will be easy for guests to recognize these listings as part of the Airbnb Enhanced Cleaning Initiative inventory.


If you’re a host who has a vacation rental, you may be wondering what products you need to use to provide a thorough clean. It’s important to note that Airbnb has strict guidelines for cleaning supplies and methods. To ensure that your rental is as clean as possible, you’ll want to use disinfectants approved by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. Common disinfectants include Clorox wipes and Lysol sprays.

Keeping the unit stocked with cleaning supplies and tools will ensure that your guests will be more willing to clean after themselves. Make sure you keep an inventory of all cleaning supplies so that you can restock them as needed. After renting your vacation rental property, take a look at your checklist to make sure you have all the materials you need. It’s also a good idea to take an inventory after each rental so that you can restock as needed.


If you are looking for the best Airbnb Enhanced Cleaning tools, I Dream Clean is the place to go. The company offers tools for both Airbnb hosts and cleaning companies. The enhanced cleaning protocol is the first set of standardized cleaning standards in the home sharing industry. It protects the host, their guests, and the communities they live in. It also enables hosts to increase their bookings, which is always a good thing.

When it comes to cleaning your Airbnb property, it is important to keep the unit stocked with cleaning supplies and tools. By having all the tools at hand, you will be more likely to clean up after your guests. Also, it’s good to keep a list of your cleaning supplies, so you can restock when needed. You should also take an inventory of your cleaning supplies after every rental, so you know you have everything you need.


If you’ve been thinking about hiring an Airbnb cleaner, you’ll want to make sure that you choose a company that complies with a comprehensive cleaning protocol. This protocol is designed to help ensure that your Airbnb stays are as clean as possible. The company uses disinfectants that are approved by regulatory bodies, and they use personal protective equipment to ensure the safety of your guests. In addition, they take a 24-hour break between cleaning sessions to ensure that the property is clean for the next guests.

The Enhanced Clean program is free for Airbnb hosts, and enrolment is simple. Simply visit your Airbnb account and click “Enhanced Cleaning” and then follow the guidelines. You can even take a quiz and attestation to confirm your commitment to the program’s guidelines. Once you’ve committed to the program, your listings will display a special call-out letting guests know that you’ve made a commitment to the program’s principles.

The enhanced cleaning protocol was created in partnership with leading hospitality and medical hygiene experts. The service is now available in twelve countries, with more to come. The protocol includes five steps to a thorough cleaning and room-by-room checklists for travelers and hosts. Those who wish to hire an Airbnb cleaner can consult the checklists to ensure a thorough clean. The company also provides training to Airbnb hosts and the public on the enhanced cleaning protocol.