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Whether you’ve purchased digital art for a project or just want to display your favorite Etsy design, knowing where to print etsy digital downloads is essential. Here’s how to do it:

Download and print from a computer

You can download your digital file through your Etsy account or through an email notification. This is available on desktop computers or mobile web browsers.

The file type that you receive will depend on the seller. Some sellers will send a TIFF or a PDF. These are larger files that can take a long time to load, while others may offer JPGs.

Resolution is critical when it comes to printing. Standard printers recommend 300 dpi for high-quality images. A resolution of 72 dpi or lower is likely to look blurry or pixelated when printed.

Printing your digital files from a computer is easy! Just follow the directions on your computer screen and save it to a location where you can find it.

Your digital file will be delivered in a file type that is compatible with most home printers. The most common files include a PDF or a JPG, which is a condensed image that will be able to fit on a small page and print well.

Made-to-order digital downloads are delivered through an email notification from Etsy. These will not be available for instant downloads, but will arrive within a few days of payment.

You can also get your digital downloads printed at a local print shop or office supply store. This is typically more expensive than printing it at home, but it will give you a higher quality print and you can choose the size of your print.