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If you’re an artist or designer and want to print your digital art from Etsy, there are a few things you should know. You can do this in your local print shop, major office supply stores, online printing platforms or you can make it yourself at home with an inkjet printer.

Where To Print Your Digital Art From ETSY

First, you’ll need to download your digital file from the website where you purchased it. This can be done via your email inbox or under ‘Purchases’ on your Etsy profile.

Next, upload your files to a print on demand site. Most print on demand sites will walk you through this process. They typically charge no listing fee and will also integrate your store with Etsy so that you can retrieve orders quickly.

When choosing a POD service, consider the size of your print, the type of paper used and how long it will take to process your order. If you’re printing a large poster, for example, it’s important to choose a company that uses high-quality archival paper and inks, which will ensure the print will last many years without fading or bleaching.

You can also find a wide variety of options for greeting cards, such as cards printed on cardstock, which are usually much cheaper than prints made from fine art paper. Some companies even offer to ship the cards directly to your customers so that you don’t have to worry about shipping them yourself.