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When you buy digital downloads online, the question can arise where do you print them? This can be a bit of a complex one because there are so many options. You can go to your local print shop, big office supply stores or an online print-on-demand service.

The first thing to consider when deciding where to print digital downloads is the type of file you want and the size of the print. If it is a poster, wall art or other type of image that can be enlarged, you will want to use high-quality matte paper and a printer that can handle the job.

Another factor is file quality – you don’t want to choose a file that is too low-quality. A low-quality file can be difficult to read when printed at a higher resolution.

It’s a good idea to choose a file that is a minimum of 300 dpi for a home computer and a minimum of 600 dpi for a professional printer.

If you have a print shop or office supply store nearby, they will most likely be able to create prints from your Etsy digital files for you. It’s a great way to save money on your prints and get the art you love at the same time.

The best place to print your Etsy digital downloads is Staples, as they have competitive prices and a wide range of printing options. They also have knowledgeable staff and are extremely helpful.