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Black truffles are a delicacy that is enjoyed by many people across the world. In fact, it is one of the most popular delicacies around and is even considered as one of the most delectable treats of all. The salt that makes these truffles has been in existence for centuries. They were first discovered in the cellar of an Abbot, wherein they were stored because Abbot did not wish them to be shared with anybody. In addition, he believed that it was unlucky for anyone to eat them. Since then, they were stored underground, which was also the case during the time of Abbot.

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Now, the question is: where can you buy black truffle sea salts? There are many places across the globe where this salty treats are sold. But, the salt’s source is mainly situated in France. This is because the only true method to preserve them is by laying them out on the open sea. It is due to this reason that no other part of the world has been able to harvest them so far.

Black sea salts are known to contain a high concentration of magnesium and iron, along with traces of manganese and phosphorus. These minerals and elements make them very healthy to eat. Moreover, they are also rich in zinc, which makes them perfect for those who are suffering from zinc deficiencies.