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Where can i print digital files from etsy?

Many Etsy sellers sell digital downloads – graphic art, greeting cards, website templates and stickers. These files can be downloaded instantly after purchase. These files are sold as a convenience to customers because there is no physical product exchanged.

Digital file types: JPEG & PDF

The most common file type sold on Etsy is the JPEG format. This is typically the format that people are most familiar with, but PDF files are a better choice for digital art and designs that contain text.

Selling custom digital downloads can be a great way to earn extra money in your Etsy shop. This is because your customers can reach out to you and request slight customizations of your standard designs, which they pay a small premium for.

Creating customized digital downloads is easy. Simply create a new listing in your Etsy store with a description and image. Add any information about colors, design elements or features that your customer will be interested in seeing.

Pricing for digital downloads:

One of the most difficult parts of running an Etsy shop is pricing your items. Getting the right price for your products is essential to earning a profit.

Digital downloads allow you to adjust your prices quickly and easily by using a slider in your listing description. This makes it possible to keep your prices competitive and ensure your products remain popular with your buyers.

Another benefit of selling digital downloads is that they can be printed at any professional printing service. These services offer a wide range of sizes and often include free shipping.