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It is currently a free-for-all. Everyone who thinks they are capable of stringing weird sentences together is jumping on the self-publishing bandwagon – an act that would completely undermine the status and existence of the modern book publisher.

What's The Future of a Typical Book Publisher?

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The answer depends on whether one focuses on the duties or primary function of a book publisher. Usually, both will be synonymous or at least, heading in that direction but times have changed.

From a treaty and literal point of view, the duties of a book publisher – that is, someone who takes a manuscript, turns it into a printable text, oversees the cover and jacket designs, prints, binds books, and Collides (perhaps through an independent printer/binder) and, ultimately, promotes them – all have been cheered.

Primarily, there will be sharks who lie to innocent writers, who participate with great wealth in exchange for services. If this is the first book, you have no prior understanding of "who is hot and who is not" – including time and (often bitter) experience.

Second, since there is a crime, a large number of writers will likely be tempted to cut corners. While (finally) it may not affect the standard of publication if the cover layout is poor or the book is not available in every format, formatting, and editing such as harvesting at providers are recipes for disaster.

Ironically, parting with money – even a little bit – will turn many writers off. Any publishing publisher will inform you that you need to dedicate a little to create a piece but, sadly, the idea is the same for the now dispensed vanity publication.

Thus the publication of this 'Ones and the Future' should be the work of the publisher as a business-savvy person who will bring the record of knowledge, skills, and connections to provide the most effective all-round encounter to both the author and the reader.