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A scientific laboratory gives students an opportunity to experiment and test out their theories. In addition, it helps develop their thinking and communication skills.

6-lab is a large laboratory that provides quality lab services. They offer all types of testing, including but not limited to urinalysis, hepatitis C, and strep throat. They also provide diagnostic counseling and education, and have a robust research program.

The lab is a fun, fast paced environment where you will learn the science and technology behind the field. You will be surrounded by knowledgeable, friendly staff. You will receive a formal first day orientation, and your direct supervisors will be on hand to help you along the way.

In the lab, you will work with the best equipment and technology in the industry. You will be provided with personal protective equipment, such as face masks and shields, as well as gloves. The facility is fully inspected and maintains a strict policy on hygiene and sanitation.

One of the most important tasks is to process your patient’s blood. You will need to understand how many tubes to collect, which ones to use, and what tests you are ordering.

Using the best tube for your test is important, but the correct one can be difficult to find. A computerized system called LabLinks will tell you what tubes you need based on the type of test.

A savvy tech will choose the right tube for his or her needs. The LabLinks application is easy to use and is an excellent resource for lab technicians of any level.