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With more people using cell phones and Internet access on the rise, chat bots are quickly becoming a must-have tool for businesses. With Facebook chat integration, chat bots help businesses connect with their customers. But with so many options available, how do you choose the right one? The wrong one could cost you, or your company, time and money. That’s why you should learn about each bot, learn about the pros and cons of using them, and then select the chat bot that’s best for you.

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Facebook recommends that instead of purchasing another application, users prefer to chat with businesses in a third-party app that they likely have on their phone already. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg cited an example of a popular business chatbot getting a message from a user who needed help finding a local restaurant. Instead of searching through hundreds of apps on his phone, the bot found the exact restaurant that the user was looking for. This third-party app allowed the business to use its brand and increase its reach by connecting directly with the right audience.

While Facebook and other bots are useful for connecting a company to its audience, some apps are not as useful. These include SMS and MMS apps, which require a user’s computer to be on in order to send the message or image, and photo and video chat bots, which must be installed on the user’s phone. While these might seem like minor obstacles, they can spell disaster if a marketing strategy depends on using a messaging system that doesn’t support it.

Chat bots are great because they keep a company fresh and engaged with its audience, even if the audience is on a different platform than the one the company is on. However, some messaging systems aren’t designed well for this type of use, leaving the company at a disadvantage when trying to connect with its audience. The biggest problem lies in the fact that the platforms differ so greatly between Messenger Bot and third-party app Botox. A simple Botox commercial could be a good thing for a company that has a messaging platform on its own, but it’s a huge turnoff if the company relies on third-party software to get its audience.

It seems obvious that if a messaging system doesn’t support third-party apps, it won’t be easy for companies to get their audience. However, that’s not true. With the rise of messaging apps, developers have begun to figure out ways to use chat bots to connect with their audience.

One way to use a chatbot to attract Facebook prospects is by making a Facebook page specific to the company. For example, a marketing company may create a Facebook page about its products and include a link to the Botox commercial the company is making. Prospects who are interested in learning more about Botox will click on the link and learn more about the Botox procedure itself. Some will even be interested enough to check out the commercial and buy it, which will increase the odds of conversion rates. Just be sure you don’t let the Facebook chatbot replace the actual person who works on the business’s actual website.

Another way to use chat bots for advertising is to put them into a chat conversation with prospects. If you use one of the newer f.a.q chat bots like AskJs, they should be able to answer most f.a.q. questions. You might want to do a test drive with the bot before asking questions to see how many times it responds correctly, or how many times it gets wrong. It can also give you an idea of how chat bots work when interacting with real people.

So as you can see, the most important thing to remember about chatbots is that they are advertising. The key is finding an effective way to advertise on the website. While it may seem that having the chat bot on your website isn’t necessary, the reality is that if you want to reach as many prospects as possible, then it is necessary. With so many people searching the Internet daily, the chances of finding an actual person who can help you with your campaign are slim to none.