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Using Canva for Etsy Printables

One of the most popular ways to sell online is through digital downloads. They are easy to create and are a great way to get your product in front of a wide audience. The key is to make sure your products are eye-catching and unique, so they stand out from the rest of the competition on Etsy.

Canva is a powerful graphic design platform that offers a variety of features and tools that make it easy to create professional-looking designs. They also offer a large library of free photos, fonts, and other elements that you can use to build your designs.

Selling Printables on Canva

You can use Canva to create high-quality designs for your Etsy shop. You can make stickers, labels, and unique product photos that will make your listings stand out from the competition and attract more customers. You can also create printables that your customers can use in their own homes and businesses, such as planners, to-do lists, and greeting cards.

Creating a Design in Canva

In order to make your designs look professional, you will need to use a high-quality print resolution and color profile. You can find these options in the Settings panel on Canva.

Activating print bleed is another important step in making your designs look good. You can do this by clicking on “Show Margins” in the “File” menu and ensuring that there is plenty of space to allow for print bleed.