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Unrefined sea salts are a natural, mineral-rich electrolyte and a vital ingredient for the health of your animals.

Historically, humans discovered the benefits of salt through the journeys that wild animals took to salt licks. As farmers moved away from hunting and started to plant grain and vegetables, the practice of collecting salt became an important part of civilization.

Pure Unrefined Salt (Light Gray) is an all-natural, mineral-rich salt extracted from pristine ocean waters. It is hand-harvested annually, and contains over 80 essential minerals.

The light gray color of this salt comes from the moisture within its crystals. It is naturally harvested by channeling ocean water into clay-lined ponds that are left to evaporate in the sun and wind, leaving minerals behind.

Celtic Sea Salt is a natural, light grey, moist salt gathered by hand in France’s Brittany region. The salt is harvested using traditional Celtic methods, which are centuries old.

Refined table salt, the granulated white salt seen in most salt shakers, is produced by mechanically mining a salt deposit and then treated chemically to remove impurities. It also undergoes a bleaching process to obtain a uniform whiteness, which is important for food manufacturers because it assures a long shelf life.

Refined salt is not healthy for your family because it lacks all the minerals and trace elements your body needs to function properly, and it can cause a buildup of sodium in your body. This can lead to health problems such as fluid retention and high blood pressure. It is also contaminated with mercury, which can be harmful for children and pregnant women.