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If you are looking for tips and tricks to make airbnb cleaning a breeze, you’ve come to the right place! Here you’ll find advice on how to get rid of clutter, automate your cleaning process, and set a price for your services.

Find cleaners for your business

Having a cleaning service at your short-term rental can make a big difference in your ratings. Cleanliness is one of the top factors guests pay attention to on Airbnb. However, finding reliable cleaners for your rental can be tricky. Luckily, there are a few ways to do it.

A good way to start is to ask the hosts. You may find that some of your guests have hired a professional cleaning service and are willing to share their experience with you. It can be a good way to find new clients for your cleaning business.

Another option is to create a landing page for your cleaning service. This is a great way to capture leads and close deals. You could use a lead capture form, offer a discount for bookings, or even have a helpful blog post to drive traffic.

You can also run Google Ads to target people who are actively searching for Airbnb cleaning services. This is a good way to send highly targeted traffic to your cleaning service page. It is important to perform keyword research before you spend any money on advertising. This will help prevent you from wasteful ad spend.

Another great option for getting your cleaning service noticed is to join Facebook groups. There are many different types of groups related to Airbnb. These include host groups and property manager groups. While Google Ads are a good way to get your cleaning service name out there, Facebook groups are a cheaper alternative.

Using a professional sanitation facility can save you a lot of stress. These companies will clean your property after each guest and have the expertise to do it right the first time.

Set a reasonable fee

Whether you are a new host, or an experienced one, it is important to set a reasonable fee for cleaning your Airbnb. Having a well-maintained space is a good way to establish trust and confidence with your guests.

Before you decide how much to charge for cleaning, you should take into account the type of property you have listed, as well as the average length of stay. You may also want to consult with your competitors’ pricing.

Cleanliness is a top priority for many guests. It can help to hire a professional cleaning service. If you offer a luxury property, you might have to charge more for cleaning. But if your listing is a backpacker apartment, you may be able to get away with charging less.

When setting a fee for Airbnb cleaning, you need to consider the length of your stay. If you are planning to rent your property for a few days, you might want to distribute the fee over several days. On the other hand, if you are planning to stay longer, you might want to lower the rate.

The size of your rental will also play a role in the amount you should charge for cleaning. Small studio apartments cannot afford to have the same cleaning fee as a larger property.

When deciding on the price of your fee, you should also consider the number of hours you plan to spend cleaning. If you have a lot of rooms, it might make sense to hire a professional to clean your property.

Cleaning fees are not refundable to guests during their stay. In addition, they do not count towards the deposit for your reservation. So, it is best to wait until your guests have paid for their reservations before you decide on your fee.

Create a welcoming book

A welcome book is a valuable asset for any Airbnb host. It can be an easy way to encourage guests to stay, a way to give guests a sense of what they can expect, and a way to collect feedback. However, the welcome book isn’t the only way to keep your guests happy.

Before you start putting together your own welcome book, think about what guests need. You don’t want to provide information that’s not necessary to enter your home. Similarly, you don’t want to include fun or interesting details about your home that aren’t essential.

The most important piece of information to include is your house rules. These should be clear and easy to follow. For example, you may have a no pets rule, or you may allow guests to smoke. You should also include a courtesy quiet hour, or you could ask that guests don’t party at the property.

Another important piece of information is your check-in and check-out procedures. Many governments require that hosts share this kind of information with their guests. This will make the stay easier for both you and the guests.

If you don’t have the time to put together a welcome book, you can get creative with your digital presence. Using a software like Hostfully Guidebooks will allow you to easily create and share a virtual welcome book. You can upload a PDF or send it via email, and it’s always on hand. You can even add a mobile app-like page that enables guests to find out more about your property.

You can even sell your welcome book off your rental website. The book itself can be as fun or as serious as you want it to be.

Automate your airbnb cleaning

Cleaning a rental property on the Airbnb platform can be a hassle. Not only is it time consuming, but it is also physically and mentally taxing. However, there are ways to automate your Airbnb cleaning to help make your life easier.

One of the easiest ways to automate your cleaning is to hire a professional cleaning service. These experts have the experience and know-how to get the job done right. They can also make sure your listing meets all cleaning standards, while maximizing your guest satisfaction.

Alternatively, you can use automation software to schedule your cleanings. This way, you can focus on other things and avoid the headaches of trying to keep track of your schedule.

Some of these automated services can do things like take pictures of the room between cleanings, check inventory, alert you if anything is missing, and notify you if there is damage to the property. They can also be set up to send you reminders for future cleanings.

If you choose to automate your Airbnb cleaning, you should do some research first. This will ensure that you’re hiring a company that offers a service that is up to your standards and provides the highest quality of service.

Automating your Airbnb cleaning can also save you money. You won’t have to spend as much on cleaning supplies as you would if you were doing it yourself. You can buy bulk cleaning supplies at places like Walmart and Costco.

If you decide to clean your own property, remember that you’ll need to keep track of supplies and ensure they are available at all times. This is especially important if you have back-to-back bookings.