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If you love the outdoors, there are many things to do in Camden, Maine. The town is located along Penobscot Bay in the MidCoast region. Visitors can explore the town’s 19th-century homes in the High Street Historic District. Other attractions include the Camden Public Library, a landscaped amphitheater, and the Camden Opera House, which stages live music. The town is also home to Curtis Island, where a lighthouse from the 1830s can be found.

Laite Memorial Beach Park

If you’re looking for a low-key harbor beach that’s close to Camden, Maine, you’ll want to check out Laite Memorial Beach Park. This small, scenic beach sits right on the shores of Penobscot Bay and Camden Harbor, and offers no admission or parking fees. It also features a playground, picnic tables, restroom facilities, and an accessible swimming platform. It’s the perfect spot to get your family outside and enjoy a day of beach fun.

The town of Camden is a charming seaside town located on the Penobscot Bay. It offers visitors many activities and attractions throughout the year, making it the perfect destination for any trip. From shopping in the town’s downtown district to hiking in nearby Camden Hills State Park, there’s something to keep you busy in Camden. Take advantage of the town’s many hidden gems and find your perfect getaway!

If you’re in the mood for winter sports, Camden is also an excellent choice. The town’s community-owned ski area is the only one in the Eastern United States with a view of the Atlantic Ocean. There’s also a toboggan track, which hosts the North American Toboggan Championships in February. Other popular winter activities include cross-country skiing and ice skating. If you’re interested in history, the city is also full of architecturally stunning buildings and museums. Whether you’re a history buff or a beach lover, you’ll find something in Camden that will appeal to your needs.

The city has several other attractions to offer visitors, including the Curtis Island Lighthouse Overlook, which marks the entrance to the town’s harbor. You can’t get to this historic landmark by car, but you can admire it from the small overlook area off Bay View Street. Parking here is limited, so be sure to respect the neighborhood.

Camden Hills State Park

With over 5,700 acres of wooded hills to explore, Camden Hills State Park has a lot to offer. Hikers can take advantage of 20 hiking trails to explore the natural beauty of the state park. While there, don’t miss a drive up the mountain to see the fall foliage. Camden is also close to the harbor for whale and puffin watching, shopping, and dining.

Visitors can enjoy the panoramic views from Mount Battie, the signature location of Camden Hills State Park. There are views of the Penobscot Bay, Camden Harbor, and many of the surrounding islands. You’ll even get a glimpse of the famed Cadillac Mountain in Acadia National Park. You can even take a drive to Mount Battie and have a picnic in the park.

If you’d prefer to go skiing instead, the Camden Hills State Park offers many trails for cross-country skiing. You can enjoy the beautiful scenery from close quarters, thanks to miles of intersecting trails. If you’re visiting in winter, you can enjoy the snowmobiling trails, as well. The park also features a ski shelter along the Ski Shelter Trail.

If you’re traveling by car, you can easily get to Camden from Boston or Portland, Maine. If you’re traveling by train, the Concord Coach Lines station in Rockport is about three miles from the Camden Hills State Park. Alternatively, if you’re traveling by boat, there are several marinas in the town. If you’re driving, you’ll have plenty of flexibility and freedom to explore the coastal region.

Blue Barren Distillery

The Blue Barren Distillery, located on the waterfront of Camden, Maine, opened its doors in June 2013. The distillery specializes in blueberry eau de vie, a new rum with an elegant, sophisticated flavor. The owners of Blue Barren are seventh generation blueberry farmers. The distillery’s outdoor patio features a bar and offers free tastings of the current offerings. Visitors can also sample the company’s Barren’s Blueberry Eau de Vie and Harbor Gin.

The Blue Barren Distillery is considering moving its operations to a new location. Although the distillery is currently located in Camden, the distillery owners have said that they hope to relocate the distillery’s tasting room once the Lyman-Morse marina is fully rebuilt. In the meantime, they are working on a soft opening, and are expecting to fully launch the tasting room on August 2.

Visitors to the Blue Barren Distillery in Camden can sample their spirits straight or in cocktails. The gin can be enjoyed as a drink or used in cocktails. During the summer, the tasting room is open year-round, but it will not be open in the winter because of the coronavirus outbreak.

National Oz Museum

If you are a fan of the classic children’s novel, then you may be interested in visiting the National Oz Museum in Camden, Maine. Founded by Lewis Carroll, the museum is home to the largest private collection of Oz items. In addition to Oz-themed items, the museum also features items related to Peyton Place, the town in which the film was made. The museum’s Gulliver’s Travels hallway features a variety of items that were collected by Carroll himself.

Originally, the book was published in 1939, but it did not become a hit until the 1970s. The story spawned a number of films, stage productions, radio series, animated cartoons, and spin-off products, including books, puzzles, and toys. Today, the book continues to influence pop culture in the United States, with countless sequels and spinoffs, and even a live show.

The museum also holds exhibitions and features rare books and memorabilia. Among the treasures on display are a vintage Judy Garland dress and a Jerry Maren costume, which may be the only complete munchkin costume still available today. Other treasures include rare books, movie posters, publicity photos, puppets, and various collectibles related to the movie.

The National Oz Museum in Camden, Maine, has become an important tourist destination. The museum was originally located in an old video store in Camden. But in 2013, a private collector donated the property next door to the museum. Its collection includes more than 100,000 items related to the famous book.

Taking a boat tour

Taking a boat tour in Camden is a great way to experience the city’s harbors and waterfront. There are numerous companies that offer boat charters and daily cruises that will take you across Penobscot Bay and neighboring islands. Whether you’re looking for a romantic getaway or an adventurous family trip, a boat tour in Camden is an excellent option.

If you want to take a scenic boat tour in Camden, Maine, consider the Mary Day, a sailing vessel with a long history in the city. The ship sails the waters of Maine and offers trips that last from two days to six days. In addition to sightseeing and lobster picnics, the Mary Day also offers photography lessons and guided lighthouse tours.

There are also several local boat rental options in the area. Chartering a boat allows you to enjoy a private cruise, where you can view scenic lighthouses and seaside mansions. Some companies even offer cocktail hours and private charters. You can spend the whole day or week sailing on a private yacht, so you can take in the beauty of Camden and the surrounding area.

You can also take a power boat tour in Camden. Most of the tours last one or two hours and focus on the scenic beauty of the Penobscot Bay and its surrounding islands. The area is also home to many privately owned and state-operated ferries and water taxis.

Uncle Willy’s Candy Shoppe

If you’re in the mood for some candy, you can visit Uncle Willy’s Candy Shoppe in downtown Camden. This candy shop has been in business since November 2008. The owner, Karen Keber Sutton, has two locations in Maine – one in Houlton and one in Camden. In addition to a large selection of candy, Uncle Willy’s also has fudge and three types of brittle on the premises. The store also features displays of oversized lollipops and nostalgic penny candies.

The shop is open to the public Wednesday through Sunday. It is family-friendly and has a variety of activities. Visitors can visit for a quick snack or for a leisurely afternoon. For more information, call (207) 755-5665 or visit the website.