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Sea salt is sea water itself with an external crystal layer deposited on it. This is a non-metallic mineral and has a high carbon content. Sea salt is generally known as Dead Sea salt or Pink Sea salt. It is considered to be a high energy food grade mineral having a very wide range of applications. It has a high mineral content and is very fine grained, having a coarse texture and it has a pink color when it is fresh.

Sea salt can be classified into two main categories, depending on the source. Sea Salt from the Dead Sea contains heavy amounts of potassium, sodium and magnesium, and is therefore ideal as a food grade seasoning. It contains trace minerals such as iron, sulfur, manganese, calcium, magnesium, zinc, tin, phosphorus and sulphur. It also contains a large amount of zinc, making it suitable for use in cosmetics. It is the salt of choice for the kosher market.

Black Truffle Salt is known for its use in making gourmet cheese. It can be called the super food of the 21st century because of its health benefits. Its rich mineral content and its distinctive pink color have made it a very popular and sought after spice. It can be used for seasoning, curing and cooking and has been used all over the world.

The food industry is greatly affected by sea food and the popularity of seafood continues to spread worldwide. Due to its popularity sea salt now occupies a prominent role in the culinary industry. There are many varieties of sea salt on the market. Some of them are discussed below:

White Sea Salt -This kind of sea salt is the commonest salt and the most accessible to most people. This variety is derived from the seawater and is obtained from the rocks of Iceland, France, Canada and California. It can be used for both cooking and baking purposes.

Rock Salt – It comes in different varieties and is more often used for cooking purposes than for other purposes. Rock salt’s content tends to vary according to location. This salt helps to preserve the moisture and texture of meat. It has become an indispensable ingredient in the preparation of stews, soups, and chilled dishes.

Orange Sea Salt – Another variety of sea salt that is used extensively is the orange salt. It helps to add a flavor to foods and also improves their palatability. It is the salt that most people know about and it is widely available across the world. However, this type of salt is slightly expensive and not affordable by everyone.

If you are looking to cook food using sea salts then the quality of the salt you use should be good. The sea salt you use should have a natural color and should be able to enhance the taste of the food you prepare. To add to the flavor, herbs and spices can be sprinkled on it. You can find sea salt in various flavors like salty, sweet, and the regular sea salt can be bought at the local stores or even online.

Dried Sea Salt – This type of salt is more commonly known as the sea salt. In this process, the rock salt is soaked in water and is allowed to dry. The dry piece of rock salt is then ground into fine powder. This kind of salt is used in various forms such as table salt, for sprinkling on food, and as an alternative for table salt.

It is important to know the exact amount of salt you are using. The amount of salt to be used will depend on the kind of dish you are preparing. For instance, if you are going to make a stew then the salt should be much higher than that of sea salt. In the same way, a recipe calling for chips should have less amount of salt than that of a salad. The recipe or the dish itself will determine the exact amount.

There are other varieties of sea salt available including ones that are suitable for cooking. These are more absorbent than the traditional sea salt. The advantage of these types is that they absorb water and do not retain it as some other one does. These absorbent sea salts are commonly used in tablet form for use as table salt, and they can also be used to season meats and fish.

The commonest form of sea salt is table salt. This is mainly because it is widely available and convenient. Salt is also used in manufacturing industries for different purposes like in soap, toothpaste, medicine, and even in some cosmetics. Salt can also be dissolved in water for treating a variety of water-related issues. It is also seen that salt has several medicinal properties and can help cure several diseases and health conditions.