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DESCRIPTION. Treat yourself up to a relaxing day at the salon without leaving the luxury of your home by incorporating this Epsom Himalayan Salt into your next salon product. This Epsom salt and Himalayan crystal salt mixture, with an intense light scent, aids in soothe sore, achy muscles after every soaking so you can truly feel refreshed and renewed after every visit. Salon products that include this ancient healing mineral are ideal for rejuvenating tired and fatigued clients.

himalayan bath salt

Maintaining a healthy look is easy when you use products like this one that contain beneficial minerals like these. You may choose from a variety of beautiful colors including lavender, blueberry, green, pink, or even yellow. They are completely safe for anyone to use, even children. Himalayan bath salt is highly absorbent, so it won’t leave any trace of debris on your skin, no matter how much you bathe. Even if you do not bathe often, this salt is an excellent way to maintain skin health as it improves skin tone and color.

Blemishes and age spots can be fought back with this healing sea salt as it leaves a soft residue on the surface that hides away blemishes and reduces the appearance of fine lines. It can also be used as an astringent to help reduce tension and ease aches. Himalayan bath salt is completely bio-active, which means it is packed with trace minerals that help your body’s natural ability to heal itself.

A wonderful thing about using Himalayan salt baths is that they release stress, tension and toxins that have built up within the body. It works by creating positive ions which in turn helps to break down and eliminate free radicals and toxins that have accumulated in cells. Negative ions are released when the skin is exposed to alkaline conditions, however when the skin is exposed to acidic conditions it produces more negative ions. This makes it very difficult for the body to maintain its internal balance when confronted with an acidic environment.

It has long been known that regular bathing and other water therapies help to keep skin looking healthy, radiant and younger looking. However, the only way to effectively cleanse the skin and rid it of toxins is to use effective exfoliating products. These are all natural products that work gently to reveal your softer skin underneath. Himalayan bath salts are the perfect exfoliator as they have long been used around the world by spa owners and experienced spa clients alike to help keep their skin looking radiant.

They can also be used on inflamed and sore muscles to help reduce pain and inflammation. They are ideal for people who suffer from arthritis and muscle pain as they sooth and relax the muscles without causing any irritation. People who suffer from a sore throat often find relief by taking a warm bath using Himalayan bath salts. It works by penetrating the throat and softening the tissues so that the throat is less painful and irritated. It can also be used on bruises as it works by opening the blood vessels and easing the pain.

People who are suffering from colds and other respiratory problems can benefit from using this type of salt bath as well. They can be given both hot and cold baths using Himalayan salt bath salts. They provide the necessary relief from congestion caused by mucus and phlegm, which help reduce congestion and enhance the ability of the lungs to breathe. People who have bronchitis or asthma can benefit from using this type of salt bath as well. As the salt helps to loosen congested mucus, it increases the air flow rate and clears the lungs of mucus and bacteria that can be very harmful to the health. If you suffer from coughs, colds or allergies you can use this salt bath regularly to help relieve your symptoms and increase your ability to breathe freely again.

Many people who suffer from such ailments use Himalayan salt and Epsom salt baths salt regularly. These products are highly effective at improving the quality of life for those who suffer from these conditions. By using them on a regular basis you will start to notice positive results in no time at all. Once you start using these products, you will become more aware of how your body feels and what you can do to improve the way it feels. You will also start to enjoy the many health benefits that dead sea salt and Epsom salt contain.