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The Best Printables To Sell On Etsy

There are so many different types of printables to sell on etsy, but it’s important to know which ones are going to be the most profitable. You can use tools like Insightfactory’s printable trends or Etsy’s keyword research tool to find out what products are doing well.

You don’t need a design background to make printables and there are some great free software options out there that can help you create your designs. Rachel uses Canva for most of her printables, but she also likes to use Microsoft Word for forms and other things that have a lot of text.

Printable Art

Another great printable option to sell on etsy is art. You can make anything from watercolor art to quotes. People love having something to print out and display in their homes or office.


Planners are another great option for printables to sell on etsy. They can be anything from a large weekly calendar you stick on the fridge to daily or yearly planners.

Children’s Crafts

Coloring pages and games are a great way to make money on etsy. Kids of all ages enjoy coloring and playing games so these are sure to be a big hit with your customers!

Homeschoolers are always looking for resources to help them learn. Study aids and quizzes are a popular option.


The wedding niche is one of the biggest ones on etsy and printables can be a great option for selling on this site. It’s a great way to make extra money and build up a reputation for your brand by selling items such as bridal shower invitations, bachelorette party invitations, and wedding templates.