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Blender is more convenient when it comes to preparing delicious smoothies and fruit juice effortlessly. They are available in various sizes, most of which are large. But when faced with the need to make a few cups of fresh juice, you might be more sensible to choose a personal-size blender. Here in this article, we will discuss the best portable blender to buy in Australia.

Portable blenders are amongst the convenient kitchen appliance that most people favour to have in their kitchen.  They offer an easy way to make a small amount of juice with ease and without the mess which is very convenient when necessary. The best personal size blender reviews will help you in making the right choice with the available blenders.

This blender has a travel lid and it is high in performance. It is reliable and fast and offers an amazing size for the countertop hence, comes in handy for limited spaces. It is ideal for small families and singles. It is available in various colours including black, pink, green and blue to suit any kitchen decor.

It is portable and can be used at home or even on a boat without much difficulty. The 14 oz blending jar is versatile and user friendly. You can actually unlock the jar and drink your beverage right from it. It is a feature that makes the blender an amazing portable journey set considering that the jar can also fit into car drink holders. It has a pulse button that needs to be held to blend and releases to stop.