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The careful and precise procedure of extracting and preserving evidence in criminal cases requires both a skilled investigator and the use of the latest technology. Digital forensics is one example of this, and if not conducted in the correct way, or to the most meticulous of standards, vital evidence may be lost.

As experts at the forefront of digital and computer forensics, specialist companies are able to assist within the recovery of evidence across multiple forms of digital media. They use different software to analyse case studies carefully. If you want to know more about this software, refer to

digital forensics

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The art of digital forensic science includes the successful consideration and implementation of several essential factors and processes;

  • Ongoing development

As technology improves, standard methods become redundant. It is crucial that forensic techniques are able to keep up with such advancements, to ensure they are able to continue acting as an essential tool within Police investigation. Through employing several full-time Research and Development Analysts, these experts can confidently continue to develop the most cutting-edge tools and put the most effective systems in place.

  • Experience

In the field of forensics, having experience within a wide variety of cases proves highly advantageous. This specialist company have carried out more than 10000 different cases, allowing them to build up an extensive knowledge of all forms of digital media. Such wide and varied knowledge of the sector has also enabled them to gain an even deeper understanding of both computer forensics, mobile phone forensics and cell site analysis, providing them with practical experience, which may prove vital within many cases.