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Eleven is a number that many people struggle with. Whether it’s getting a handle on the concept of odd numbers, or trying to figure out the equation of an eleven-sided polygon, it’s a hard number to grasp. There are a number of ways to break it down and learn more about it. Here’s a look at a few of them.

St. Ursula

There are many different stories and variants of St. Ursula, including one that claims that she had a child. The story is also sometimes accompanied by a vision of martyrdom.

According to one version, Ursula was a British princess. She was the daughter of a Christian king and a pagan prince. During her life, she was a popular figure. Her story became known throughout Europe. However, her death was not recorded, and historians have not been able to determine her exact birth date.

Many stories of Ursula, including those that include her death, relate a trip that she and her virgin companions took to Rome on a pilgrimage. They are said to have been accompanied by eleven thousand virgins.

At one point, the Huns besieged Cologne. Seeing that the Christians were not defending themselves, the Huns shot and killed Ursula and her fellows. This accounts for the number of 11,000. It is unclear whether all of them were Christians. Some claim that they were babies, but some skeletons were discovered to be infants.

Another account suggests that the Huns were defending themselves. But when the slaughter started, Cordula and her companions hid. Eventually, the Huns gave up.

It is possible that Ursula and her companions traveled on foot from Cologne to Rome. Their route included many places sanctified by saints. Several thousand martyrs were killed at Cologne, and the sermon preserved mentions several thousand.

Apollo 11

Apollo 11, the fifth crewed mission of the Apollo program, was a very successful flight. It was the first to land humans on the Moon, and it also paved the way for five more manned Moon landings.

During the mission, astronauts made several scientific discoveries, including a lunar landing and the deployment of a seismic experiment package. They also brought a small silicon disc containing messages of goodwill from 73 world leaders.

Aside from its technological achievements, the mission also helped to launch the field of lunar science. Among other things, the Apollo 11 crew deployed a solar wind composition experiment, a laser ranging retroreflector and a telescopic camera, as well as many other items.

One of the most important features of the Apollo 11 spacecraft was its ability to perform a “free-return” trajectory. This allowed the crew to return to Earth without having to use the Saturn V rocket’s engines.

The first moonwalk took place on 21 July 1969, when Neil Armstrong became the first human to step on the moon. Buzz Aldrin followed him in the Lunar Module, but did not have a moonwalk of his own.

The Apollo 11 crew made several goodwill statements on the Moon, but they also left a lot of their possessions behind. Unlike the Soviet Union, which lost many of its cosmonauts to radiation, the United States did not have problems recovering its astronauts. In fact, the crew showed no signs of illness even 21 days after their infamous moonwalk.

Odd numbers near 12

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Eleven-cell polytope

In 1977 Branko Grunbaum discovered a new abstract polytope, the eleven-cell. This is a locally projective regular four-dimensional polytope with 660 symmetry order, consisting of 55 faces and three quarters of 10-space. The geometry is constructed by pasting together hemi-icosahedra.

There are six regular convex 4-polytopes that belong to four symmetry groups. These are the dodecahedron, icosahedron, pentatope, pentachoron, and hemicube. All these polytopes have the same spherical moment characteristics as the 600-cell.

In the same year, Coxeter independently discovered the 57-cell polytope. Both of these discoveries were published. Besides, Grunbaum also independently discovered the 11-cell in 1977.

The hendecachoron is an abstract polytope composed of 11 cells in the shape of hemi-icosahedra. Like the dodecahedron, the icosahedron and the pentatope, these hemicubes are triangular and have 6 edges. But unlike these three dimensional polytopes, the 11-cell is a four dimensional self-dual object.

Another interesting fact about the hemicube is that the corners of its vertices are shaped like the same corner of the icosahedron. This means that the hemicube is a regular polytope.

The most important thing to know about the hendecachoron is that it is the twelfth symmetrical arrangement of hemi-icosahedra. However, this construction is discussed in a top down manner.

To understand how the 11-cell was constructed, consider the following. First, the hemicube is a tessellation, a type of tessellation. A tessellation is a type of polytope where each edge is equal to the next edge.

Mathieu group M11

A Mathieu group is a special linear group with a non-trivial element. These are often called sporadic simple groups. They have the following properties.

One of these properties is that they are k-transitive for a natural number k. For instance, a group is k-transitive if given two sets of points, one containing ai and the other bi, then it acts on ai as a regular action on bi.

Another property of Mathieu groups is that they are not split, meaning that they are not decomposed into smaller groups. In addition, they are a part of the larger Conway group.

The structure of Mathieu groups is not always clear. Some of these structures are derived directly from their permutations. Others are based on their conjugacy classes.

An example of this type of structure is the sextet group. This group has only three prime divisors. It is a subgroup of a wreath product of order 6!*(4!)6, where each of the sextets has only one normal abelian subgroup.

One of the other interesting properties of Mathieu groups is that they contain symmetry groups of a binary Golay code. Each of these symmetry groups has an outer automorphism. These outer automorphisms give Mathieu groups their structure.

Another characteristic of Mathieu groups is that they can be represented as linear fractional groups on a finite field. For example, M12 is a linear fractional group on field F11 of 11 elements.

Eleven-sided polygons

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