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If you’re looking for tips to help you sell your wall art on Etsy, there are some great resources out there to help you. One of them is this article. It outlines the steps to take when listing your item. Including the price, the public domain images, and creating a mockup.

Public domain images

If you haven’t heard of Etsy, you’re missing out on a great source for public domain art. They have a wide range of digital wall art options. These can be purchased for a fraction of the price of a framed piece. You can also choose a print size that is right for you.

You can even get a free printable version. This type of art isn’t always for sale on the site, but it is a popular option for consumers. The print can be framed or mounted on a wall.

In addition to selling and buying prints, many Etsy merchants use public domain art to sell their products. For example, the Smithsonian has over 2,800,000 pieces of public domain art.

One of the most exciting things about using this type of artwork is that you don’t have to worry about copyright. However, if you’re the owner of an Etsy store, there’s a good chance you’ll be sued for selling something that infringes on someone’s intellectual property. That’s why it’s important to know your stuff before making a sale.

As for the actual printable, you can find it at most chain stores. It might be time to crop that image for better clarity. A frame without mats is especially tricky.

Probably the most important item is to get a high-quality, printable image. While you can get a cheap, scanned image from sites like the Graphics Fairy, you’ll probably want to take a stab at downloading a file. Most of these sites provide a large selection of free wallpaper designs, and the process is straightforward.

Of course, you’ll want to look for the most interesting and well-crafted designs. But you should also take into consideration the dimensions of your piece and whether it will fit in your home. Taking a few minutes to measure your space before making a purchase will save you time and money down the road.

Finally, don’t forget to check the attribution to the original work. Many of these downloadables are actually created from scans of archived museum artwork. So while you might be able to download the latest iPhone ad from iTunes, you’ll need to make a separate search to find that old map you’ve been wanting to display in your office.

Create a mockup

Mockups are a great way to showcase a product or digital download in a real life setting. They can be used to promote a product on social media, as well as to help a potential buyer visualize how a product will look in their home. If you sell digital downloads on Etsy, then you should definitely consider creating a mockup.

There are many different ways to create a mockup. You can use a design software like Photoshop, or you can use online tools. Here are some of the best resources for creating a mockup.

Behance is an online platform for creatives, and it’s a great place to find mockups. The site has a number of free and paid mockup templates, and users can give away their own designs. This is a great way to show off your own work and get some exposure at the same time.

Placeit is another great resource for creating a mockup. The site offers thousands of mockups, and has a large library of high-quality products to choose from. It’s also a great alternative to Photoshop for beginners. While it’s not free, it is worth the subscription fee, and you’ll receive unlimited downloads.

The Vexels online mockup generator has a large collection of mockups, but it’s not as comprehensive as the other resources. It’s also very easy to use, and you can find some useful templates, but it won’t do as much for you as Placeit.

A mockup can make a digital download stand out from the crowd. This is especially important when you’re selling something that requires customers to print it instead of downloading it. Using a mockup can make it clearer how the file will look on your customer’s wall.

In the same way, a frame mockup can be a cost effective way to make your prints pop. However, you should be sure to choose one with a good quality. Remember that you may need to edit the mockup a bit to make it fit the frame you are using.

Creating a mockup is an easy way to make your digital downloads stand out on Etsy. You can choose a variety of mockups from different sources to create the perfect image for your store.

List your item on Etsy

There are many things to keep in mind when selling printables on Etsy. First of all, make sure you have great quality images. Then, determine the target market and create content that is optimized for search engines. Lastly, consider your fixed and variable costs.

You can create your own printables from scratch or use pre-made assets. For example, you can create daily planners or chore chart checklists. These are popular printables that have seasonal spikes depending on where you live.

Creating your own printables requires some time, design skills and a willingness to invest in the tools you need to get the job done. You’ll also need to generate a mockup product that you can test.

Once you’ve found a product that interests you, you’ll want to create an Etsy listing. This is where you upload the photo or art file, fill out some data, and add a few details.

Once your listing is complete, you’ll need to give it an appropriate title. Then, add the price, the dimensions of the printable, and an SEO optimized description. Ultimately, you’ll want to include videos or explanatory text to help potential customers understand your printable.

You’ll also want to have your download or printable ready to ship to your customers. This means you’ll need to have your digital art print files ready to go. A great way to do this is to use an online printing service. Depending on the size, you can send the prints to FedEx. Or, you can have the digital art shipped in a standard frame.

Selling digital wall art on Etsy is an easy, passive income generator. Typically, you’ll earn less than $10 per download, and you can start generating profits from your Etsy printables right away.

If you’re considering selling your artwork on Etsy, there are several tips and tricks you can use to boost your listing’s visibility and increase sales. Start with a good image and a quality download. Always use keywords in your listing to help it rank.

It’s important to be consistent in your listings, especially if you’re selling digital wall art. Ensure you’re optimizing each piece of content, and keep your marketing strategy up-to-date.


If you are looking for ways to earn a side income or make extra money, then you should consider selling digital wall art printables on Etsy. Digital items are safer than physical ones, and they are also easier to store and organize. This makes them a great way to start your own online business.

Before you can set up your store, you must choose a name and create a logo. Make sure to upload high-quality images, and offer instructions on how to download and print.

You can sell framed and unframed digital art prints. This opens up a new revenue stream and can be a good way to get your first customers.

However, you should be careful when setting prices. The value of a digital item can be hard to judge. That is why it is essential to do some research before deciding what price to charge.

One of the best ways to determine the worth of your printables is to look at what other people are charging for similar products. To do this, you must use keywords in your title and description. Check the competition, and you may find that you can sell your item for a higher price than what competitors are charging.

Another way to increase your conversion rate is to sell in bundles. For example, offer a discount if you buy a variety of your printables. It’s also a good idea to provide customer service that makes your buyers feel comfortable. A positive rating increases repeat customer orders.

You can also find out how to market your printables through social media platforms. Many people spend hours creating products, so you want to make yours easy to use.

Finally, you must price your printables correctly. You don’t want to scare off buyers, so you must set the right prices. While you can sell printables for as little as $5, you can also sell them for $10 or more.

Selling printables on Etsy isn’t easy. But it can be fun and rewarding. With a little work, you can become a successful seller.