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Whether you’re looking for modern art or boho-chic floral prints, etsy has a wide variety of wall decor to suit your needs. From framed prints to downloadable images, there’s something for every style and budget.

Buying wall art can be a fun way to add color and interest to your space. It can also help create a cohesive look when you mix and match different types of art.

The best digital wall art shops are the ones that offer a range of options in sizes and aspect ratios to fit different room sizes. This allows customers to choose the best option for their walls.

Selling downloadable digital wall art is the easiest and least labor-intensive way to sell your work on Etsy. However, some buyers prefer to have their digital art matted and framed for them.

If you have the skills to create a custom frame, selling your digital art as a framed piece of wall decor can be a lucrative and rewarding way to make money. The only catch is that you’ll need to offer a discount on the original price of the piece.

Another way to boost your Digital Wall Art sales is by sourcing public domain artwork and turning it into a digital file. This can be a great way to find unique and eye-catching pieces, but you’ll need to research the art and make sure it’s legally available to print.

A new update to the Etsy app enables shoppers to see how their wall art will look before they buy it—just point your phone at your wall! The feature is only available on iOS and iPadOS, but it’s a welcome addition to the platform.