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If you have a business selling digital wall art, you will want to consider promoting your products on Etsy. You can do this by creating compelling product descriptions, finding low-competition keywords, and promoting your product.

Create compelling product descriptions

When you’re selling digital wall art on Etsy, you want to make sure your description is a good fit for your product. It can be tricky to write a description that tells the world about your product, but it’s definitely not impossible. The key is to understand your target audience and the best ways to reach them.

A great product description can be a powerful tool in getting casual shoppers to convert into revenue-generating buyers. The best ones take a shopper on a journey to find out what they’re looking for. This includes not only what your item does, but also the benefits of it.

As with any marketing endeavor, it’s a good idea to do a little research. Look for similar products to yours and see what kind of information they provide. You should also look at customer reviews and support team questions to get an idea of what your customers like and don’t like.

There are a number of tools that can help you figure out the best way to describe your digital wall art on Etsy. These include a keyword tool and a keyword generator. However, it’s better to know your product before you start writing. Having a good understanding of the psychology of your ideal customers will ensure your description is effective.

If you’re writing a lengthy product description, you may want to break up the text with headers. In addition, you can add a thumbnail image. Make sure to include a price and shipping information as well.

Finally, you might want to use a fill-in-the-blank template to make the task easier. Using a template can ensure that you don’t have to reinvent the wheel every time you need to update your store.

Writing a great product description is one of the best things you can do to increase sales and make your online shop stand out from the crowd. Be sure to use the right keywords in your title and description. Even the smallest details matter.

You should also include as many photos as you can. Including images of your product in use, lifestyle shots, and product details will make your listing a lot more interesting to buyers.

Find low-competition keywords

The first step in finding low-competition digital wall art on Etsy is to understand what buyers are looking for. These shoppers use keywords to find the products they want. Using long-tail keywords is an effective way to reach these shoppers.

Keywords are the backbone of your sales. If you don’t use the right words, you’ll have a hard time getting the traffic you need. Use keyword research to find the best keywords for your business. This will increase your sales.

Use a keyword tool like KTD’s to find the ideal long-tail keywords. This tool will generate a CSV file that you can export. It will also show you the search volume, competition, and average clicks.

Make sure your titles and descriptions are keyword-rich. The first 3-5 words in the title are the most important. Write in a natural language and make your keywords readable for humans. Don’t use complicated words or special characters.

Ensure that your photos are clear. Clear pictures will boost your clicks and favorites. Also, include additional details about your product. Add tags and ratings. Lastly, create links to similar products.

In addition, try to find unique features that will help your products stand out. For example, you could create a video showing customers how to use your printables. Or you can make SVGs and print them on tumblers or stickers. Other file types can work as well.

While you’re researching the best keywords for your product, don’t forget to check the statistics on Etsy. You can find this information in your Shop Manager. Alternatively, you can find the statistics in an Etsy report. By using the reports, you can see what keywords are working for you, what categories your competitors are selling under, and where your traffic is coming from.

To ensure that your listings get a top spot, you should try to target the keywords that your shoppers are searching for. For example, if your products are related to music, then they might be searching for a vinyl record. However, if you sell vintage records, you might be better off targeting a keyword such as “vintage records” or “vintage vinyl records.”

The best way to find the keywords you need is to put yourself in the shoes of your buyers. Find the right keywords, create a title that is readable and concise, and add links and reviews to your products.

Promote your product on Etsy

If you are looking to sell your digital wall art product on Etsy, you need to make sure you market it to buyers. Most people search online for products by using keywords. You can increase your chances of getting organic traffic and gaining a higher Google ranking by optimizing your listings.

It’s important to write a descriptive title and description. These will help potential customers learn more about your product. For example, if you’re selling a printable planner, you can use keywords like “printable planner” and “planner”. Use the first 3-5 words in the title to increase your chance of getting a top spot on the search engine results page.

Also, make sure to optimize your listing’s photos. Your pictures should show your product from different angles. The most important parts of your product should be shown. Keep your images at least 2000 pixels wide.

Another way to promote your digital wall art product on Etsy is to set up a social media account. Social media sites like Facebook and Instagram have huge user bases. They can be used to advertise sales, engage with customers, and get new followers.

You can also use Insightfactory, an Etsy marketing tool that can generate Etsy tags for you. This tool will show you popular Etsy products. Plus, it’s free!

Adding a video to your listing is another great way to promote your digital wall art product on eBay. It’s easy to make a short video on a phone and it can help you show your product in action. However, keep it short. A longer video can give more information about your product.

Another good tip for promoting your digital wall art product on Etsy, especially if you’re new to the site, is to try using Etsy ads. Creating a coupon code for your product is a simple way to advertise. Etsy’s internal advertising service works on a pay-per-click basis. Each time someone clicks on your advertisement, it subtracts from your daily advertising budget. After a few days, you can turn off the ad.

While it’s true that you may not have a lot of reviews when you’re a new seller, it’s a good idea to wait until you have some sales and have a positive rating before trying to use Etsy Ads. Having a positive rating can encourage customers to buy from you again.