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Digital Prints On Etsy

Selling digital prints on etsy is an excellent way to get your artwork into the hands of customers. The buyer purchases a digital file, and after payment is complete they can print it from their home or at their local printing shop.

A good place to start with digital prints is by looking at some of the most popular categories on etsy and seeing which ones sell well. For example, crochet patterns are a great way to reach the crafty community on etsy.

Sewing Patterns are another category that is extremely popular on etsy. These patterns are typically digital downloads that include layout templates, step-by-step instructions, and visual guides.

Coloring Books are also a great digital product to sell on etsy, especially for adults who want to express their creative side and make their own art. This is a very competitive category so you’ll need to be creative in order to stand out from the competition and sell more prints.

Photoshop Actions are also a great digital product to sell, as they allow you to add special effects to your photos. These actions can turn your photos into cartoons, or even vector art!

One thing to keep in mind when selling digital products is to be clear about what the product is. Often, people will buy these items without realizing that they’re actually downloading a file. It’s best to be upfront about what you’re selling and provide a link that will take them directly to the download page.