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Digital download art prints are a great way to sell your artwork online. Buyers will purchase the file they need to print the artwork at home or at a local printing shop.

How to sell digital downloads on Etsy

To list digital products on Etsy, you need to upload a DOC or PDF file and add tags that explain what the product is. This information will help Etsy understand what to promote and who will purchase it.

Market research

Before you begin to create your digital downloads, conduct market research to identify what people are looking for in this category. This can be done with a free or paid tool, or by talking to people you know who are part of your target audience.

Popular subjects include abstract designs, florals, landscapes, typography and animal portraits. These are all competitive categories on Etsy so it’s important to find a gap in the market and offer something that appeals to your target customers.

Selling photo prints is another competitive category on Etsy. It’s best to offer several different sizes so that buyers can choose the one they prefer. In the United States, US Letter (8.5 x 11″) makes sense for most buyers, while Europeans are more likely to want A4 sizes.

Changing the print size is easy with software like Canva and Photoshop. You may need to crop some of your original artwork to fit the desired print size.

If you’re planning to make a few prints, consider purchasing an inexpensive printer that will allow you to print multiples on the same page. This can save you money and keep your ink costs down.