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Selling digital download art on Etsy is a great way to promote your artwork. You can offer this product in your shop and sell it at a lower price than your regular artwork, so it’s ideal for artists who want to increase sales and expand their reach.

How to Create Digital Art on Etsy

The first step is to create a jpg or png file of the artwork you are going to sell. This can be done with Adobe Photoshop, Canva or another graphics editing software.

Once you have the files, upload them to your listing. Then, add a description that includes how the buyer will be able to download it from their Etsy account after they purchase it. This will help to make sure you don’t have any unhappy customers contacting you with problems because they can’t get the product to work for them.

Choosing the right size for your digital art will also help you to attract buyers. Christopher at The Self Employed Artist has a handy chart on his website to show how many pixels you need to design your digital art in order to fit standard print sizes.

You can print your digital art at home or use a print shop to do the printing for you. If you have access to a printer, it’s worth considering this option as you can get some excellent quality prints for very little money.

How to frame digital art on Etsy

There are several ways to frame your printed digital downloads, including a wooden box or an unframed canvas. However, you will need to choose a frame that fits the print perfectly. This will ensure that the artwork is displayed as it was intended to be, so that you can enjoy it for years to come.