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Selling digital art prints on etsy can be a great way to sell your artwork and earn some extra cash. These prints are a popular alternative to traditional paper art and can be downloaded to a buyer’s computer or device. They are also relatively easy to create and can be personalized to each customer’s specifications.

How to Sell Prints on Etsy

The first step in selling art prints on etsy is to create a storefront and list the items you want to sell. You can upload digital files and let your customers download them or you can offer physical products like paintings and canvases that you ship to your customers.

How to Promote Your Prints on Etsy

The best way to promote your digital art on etsy is through active marketing strategies. This includes using social media to promote your work and sharing it with influencers. It can also include using paid advertising, creating high-quality listing photos and crafting an exciting title.

How to Choose the Right File Format

For digital art, a variety of formats are available for download, but JPEGs and PNGs tend to be most popular. The format you select depends on the nature of your work.

How to Create a Product Listing for Digital Art

The most important part of any product listing is making sure it looks good. You should upload high-quality images that show your digital artwork in its best light and how it looks when printed and framed.