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Printing Etsy Digital Downloads

If you have ever purchased an instant digital download from an Etsy seller you may have wondered how to get your digital downloads printed. There are several options to consider including your home printer, a print shop, Staples or online printing services.

A Buyer’s Need to Print the Digital Download File

Most buyers on Etsy want a quick and easy way to print their digital downloads so they can frame them or display them in their homes or businesses. Many digital downloads are available in a variety of formats and sizes, and some sellers provide custom files for their customers to use.

How to Select the Right Size for Your Artwork

There are a few things to keep in mind when choosing the print size for your digital artwork. First, the file format you receive as a download is going to determine how well your artwork will look when printed on paper.

The best option for most digital downloads is a PDF or JPG. These file types are the most common and easiest to open on most computers without having to install special art software.

How to Print from a Digital File

There are many printing services that offer a variety of paper types, sizes and finishes. The most popular ones include Walmart, Cosco, Prints of Love, Vistaprint and Kinkos.

If you have a large print job, then consider using a professional print service like Shutterfly or Printify instead of your local printer. These printing services are more likely to be reliable and offer a high-quality product.