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If you’re a digital artist, one of the most important steps to take when selling your art is printing it out. Not only does this keep you from losing money on prints that are not sold, but it also makes your artwork look more professional.

Printing at a local print shop or office supply store is a great way to turn your digital art into a physical product. These places typically have a variety of options for you to choose from, and it’s an affordable option that allows you to get a high-quality product that you can display in your home.

Alternatively, you can use an online service that will print your artwork out for you at a reasonable price. However, you will need to provide them with a high-resolution file of your artwork and make sure they are using pigment-based inks.

When you’re printing your artwork, you should also think about the paper you’re going to use. Choosing high-quality paper will ensure your art prints are long-lasting and beautiful.

Another option is to have your artwork printed on canvas, which is a great way to display your art and add a rustic touch to any space. Canvas is also incredibly durable and easy to care for, so it’s a great choice for artists who want their prints to last forever.

You can even use your printer to create custom greeting cards, which is a fun and affordable way to send your art to friends and family. There are many POD sites that offer this type of service, so start looking for a good deal on a custom card today!