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Printables that sell on etsy are an easy way to make money without the hassle of setting up an actual storefront. They fall under the digital goods category, which means they only take you one time to create and it’s a passive income, so no worries about inventory or sourcing!

Top Sellers

There are thousands of printable sellers on Etsy. This can be overwhelming for newbies, but there are plenty of simple things you can do to stand out and get noticed.

Keyword Research and Tags

It’s important to use keywords that your customers will search for when looking for a specific printable item. You can do this by looking at your competitors’ products or by using an Etsy research tool.

Graphic Design Tools and Stock Images

If you don’t have graphic design skills, you can still sell printables that are based on pre-made assets. There are many platforms that offer stock graphic elements, but be sure to check licensing and subscription costs before you use them in your designs.

Product Description

It is important to write an attractive and detailed product description for your printables. This will help your customer find and download it quickly.

Keywords that are popular for your printable can also help you rank better on Etsy. Rachel recommends focusing on the first 3-5 words of your product description, as well as using long tail keywords that are less competitive.

Another helpful thing to do when selling printables is to include short 15-second videos in your listing to show customers how to use your product. It can make a huge difference when it comes to sales!