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If your business uses a heating and cooling system that's over ten years old, there is a good likelihood that you're wasting energy and money. 

If you would like to replace your old system with a more efficient one, you will need to take into account a few things. Firms in Australia have particular requirements that homeowners usually won't encounter. If you want to buy buy heating and cooling systems visit

Most elderly heating and cooling systems are oversized. That is because an older building escapes more than new construction. You want a larger, more effective furnace or air conditioner if you would like to maintain your space comfortable. This still holds true if your business is located within an old building that has not been remodeled recently. 

The huge majority of heating and cooling systems use forced air to deliver furnace heat and cool air through precisely the identical ductwork. If your company is located in an older building, however, you might have to install a new boiler for steam heating individually from your ac system. 

Hire a contractor in Australia who is experienced with steam heat to find out the capacity of your drains, then fit the furnace into the radiators.

If your company has more radiators than you want, consider removing some and shutting off the valves. You may even replace big classic radiators with smaller, more contemporary ones for increased efficiency, but you shouldn't get a boiler that is not sized to the radiator capacity.