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nmpblog is a simple npm module that shows a live blog post with title, body, timestamp and share buttons. It is powered by blog-easy-client which is a client side CMS (content management system) library for uploading, editing and altering blog Posts.

nmpblog uses Cloudinary to store all access tokens, hashnode usernames, authorId and publication id of the posts. This ensures that the posts are published with the same publishing credentials as you used in the configuration. It also uses npm cli command to audit the integrity of your packages, which helps keep your code up-to-date and safe.

Configuration options: -i, –ignore-image this option will ignore uploading an image with the article. -is, –image-selector [imageSelector] this option will use the selector you provide to find the image in the page instead of using the first image inside the article. -iu, –image-url [imageUrl] this option will use the image URL you provide as the value of the option and will not look for any images inside the article.