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This game has been around for decades, but it is not widely known as air hockey. Fortunately, many game desk manufacturers bring it back, so now, you can buy a vintage table that is equipped with some modern features designed to enhance your playing and shooting experience. You can find about best bubble hockey table via

While there is a dome hockey prototype as early as 1932, the game we know today was not found until 1982. The game was originally made by a company called innovative concepts in entertainment. The company created Chexx, which began designing and producing this table in the early 1980s. The first game was modeled after the Russian Olympic Hockey team versus the American Olympic Hockey team in 1980. Of course, considering how popular the victory was, these tables were sold quickly the first year and became the staple in Arcades throughout America.

While innovative concepts in entertainment are the creators of this type of game table, many producers begin to produce their own type of bubble hockey table after they realize how popular this table is. Fortunately, these tables are still produced today, even though they are not popular such as traditional hockey tables, they are still still facing high among air hockey lovers of all ages.