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If you’re looking for motivational songs that will keep you motivated while you run, you’ve come to the right place. The selections below range from Britney Spears’ Work B**ch to Pink Floyd’s Run Like Hell. You can also try rap group 212’s Wake Me Up.

Work B**ch by Britney Spears

If you have ever wanted to know how Britney Spears inspires her running, her mantra “Work B**ch” could be the answer. She was recently featured on the January cover of Women’s Health magazine. Although she keeps her workout routine low-key, she is a great role model for athletes who want to stay in shape.

The pop princess is not only a superstar in the music world, but she is also an entrepreneur. She has a massive fragrance line that has made her billions of dollars. She’s known for her work in the music industry, and her latest venture was a collaboration with CHANGE Lingerie.

Run Rudolph Run by Chuck Berry

If you’re looking for a song to inspire you to run, “Run Rudolph Run by Chuck Berry” will definitely get your blood pumping. The tune is a holiday classic that will have you singing and dancing as you reach the finish line. Although some people might prefer a more laid-back style of music, many people find that a little upbeat tune will give them the pep they need to get through a long run.

The original version of “Run Rudolph Run” was released in 1958 and went to the top 70 on the Billboard Hot 100. It was covered by various artists, including Whitney Houston, Lynyrd Skynyrd, and Billy Ray Cyrus. In January 2020, Berry’s estate released an official music video for this classic song. The video features Berry driving a classic red convertible and taking part in a Christmas adventure.

One of the many songs written by Chuck Berry is “The Promised Land.” This song chugs like a train. Chuck Berry delivers some of his most powerful licks on this tune. The recording from 1957 has an upbeat feel, while the live version from 1972 contains a bit more sex content.

Another great song to inspire running is “Duck and Run” by 3 Doors Down. The lyrics are motivational and refer to the importance of running. The song talks about the benefits of running, including weight loss and de-stressing. The tune also has an upbeat, catchy melody. Many people are familiar with this song, but others may not remember it from their youth.

Run Like Hell by Pink Floyd

If you’re looking for inspiration to get started running, you’ll want to try a Pink Floyd track. Not only are they one of the best bands in the world, but they have an incredibly diverse catalog of music. From the uplifting to the downright bleak, Pink Floyd has something for everyone.

‘Run Like Hell’ is the perfect tune for running, and it’s a great way to get in the mood. The bassline is well suited to the rhythm of a runner’s strides. Despite its overly familiarity, the track is uplifting and energizing.

Runners who love the track will also appreciate “Eye of the Tiger.” This song was written for the Rocky III movie theme and is still one of the most popular tracks in the band’s history. The lyrics speak to the futility of war and question whether humanity is truly human.

Another Brick in the Wall is one of the three songs on the band’s album The Wall. The track earned the band a Grammy nomination and sold over 4 million copies worldwide. The track was later renamed “High Hopes” and was written with Gilmour’s autobiography in mind.

“Master of My Make Believe” is another great song that will motivate you while running. It features forefoot-striking beats and remind you of the joy of running. Pink Floyd’s “Running” track is also an excellent choice for motivating runners. It is a song that is over 120 beats per minute.

“Money” is another great Pink Floyd track. The song is a tongue-in-cheek satire of the modern world’s obsession with money. Although “Money” made the band rich, it also changed the inner chemistry of the band. It also helped Pink Floyd achieve a much wider audience.

Wake Me Up by rap group 212

Rap group 212’s song “Wake Me Up” is a catchy pop track that debuted on the iTunes music charts on July 29, 2013. The official video was directed by celebrity photographer Mark Seliger and co-written by CB “Barney” Miller. It features Russian fashion model Kristina Romanova, and young girl Laneya Grace. The song’s video depicts a rural community where the two sisters live in dreary conditions. In the midst of this, they take a horse ride to the nearest city.

The “212” video subverts the stereotypical image of mainstream female hip-hop artists. Traditionally, black women are only permitted to express their sexuality through the heterosexual gaze of heterosexual men. In contrast, Banks does not present herself in an overtly sexual manner, thereby creating space to reverse the male gaze. This is a bold statement that has never been done before in mainstream hip-hop.

Take the Money and Run by Chance the Rapper

Chance the Rapper has been controversial in recent years. His summer 2018 single, “Take the Money and Run,” targeted the Chicago Sun-Times, which had published a controversial article about Chance’s child support case. Chance responded to the article, and his resentment grew despite the child support case being settled amicably. He has since married the baby’s mother.

Chance the Rapper’s career took off in 2013, when he released his Acid Rap mixtape. It reached #63 on the US R&B and Hip Hop charts. It was a critical success, and he was nominated for a Grammy in 2013. He was also listed on several best-of-2013 lists and performed with big names such as Kendrick Lamar and Eminem.

The controversy around Chance the Rapper began when he called Kanye West “my brother” and defended the president. Chance later apologized for his tweet and urged people not to label him a Democrat. Chance the Rapper’s father worked for President Barack Obama as well as Chicago mayor Rahm Emanuel.

Chance the Rapper’s music is a unique combination of quality production and honesty. He’s not afraid to share his story, and his lyricism is impeccable. Chance the Rapper’s moral stances also make him stand out among mainstream artists. His songs praise God and the power of faith.

Chance the Rapper’s recent detractors include Christians. Some Christians have argued that a Christian’s life should bear fruit, and Chance has shown fruit by giving back to the community and helping others. However, many critics believe that the rapper’s sleazy and vulgar ways overshadow the positive. Chance the Rapper is now taking a sabbatical to study the Bible and become closer to God.