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If you’re looking for an innovative and profitable business model that allows you to create a large inventory of ready-to-sell products without the need to store or ship them, then a printable poster shop on Etsy might be the perfect fit. This type of business is ideal for experienced or novice designers, full-time or part-time.

The first step to starting your printable poster shop is to design the product – this includes creating an original artwork or logo and choosing paper types, sizes, and framing options that are best suited for the audience you’re targeting. This is an important step in your design process, because it’s a great way to identify your niche and determine how your posters are going to sell in the market.

Next, make sure your digital files are in the right format for printing. The most common file formats sold on Etsy are JPEG and PDF, which are designed to print a photo or image without losing quality.

Once your files are ready, you can upload them to Etsy and create a listing for them. Adding high-resolution images of the product is crucial for your listing, since they’ll be used as a thumbnail and in the description.

Pricing is a key factor in whether or not your digital art prints will sell well on Etsy. The price of your prints should reflect both their perceived value and the materials, time, and labor involved in creating them.