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Printable wall art is an excellent way for artists and designers to sell their digital creations. The best part is that customers can purchase high-resolution designs and print them on their own at home without paying exorbitant amounts of money.

Etsy sellers offer everything from simple inspirational quotes to elaborate maps or even tarot card art prints. All of them are designed to be printed on a variety of mediums and can be customized to meet the needs of any buyer.

If you are interested in selling your own digital printables, you should first research what your market is looking for. Once you have found a niche, create your product and begin marketing it on Etsy.

Use keywords correctly and consistently in your listings to help customers find it. Rachel recommends using the first 3-5 words in your listing title to describe your product accurately and include long tail keywords that are less competitive.

Add photos to your listing so customers can see the product in action and understand what it is they will be getting. You can upload up to 10 high-resolution photos, including a primary shot, different angles, closeups, and a size comparison.

Photoshop actions are a great way to create effects and transform your images into unique pieces of artwork. These effects allow you to transform your images into a variety of different styles, from watercolors to sketches to vectors!

If you are a graphic designer and would like to start selling your printables, the best place to do it is on Etsy. This platform has a huge community of online shoppers and offers built-in tools to help you promote your printables once your store is open for business.