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Selling printable art on etsy can be a very profitable business. Depending on your graphic skills, you can create coloring pages for sale or digital calendars.

The trick is to sell multiple variations of each product and offer them at different price points. Bundling them into sets can increase your sales and help you build your Etsy shop.

Create a good product description

The product description is the main selling point of your etsy shop, and it’s important to create something that gets customers excited about buying your products. While there is no one-size-fits-all product copy, there are a few things that can help you write better descriptions.

A good product description is written in a way that evokes emotion, explains the features and benefits of the item, and encourages people to purchase it. It should also include information about the product’s material, size, and style.

To create a great product description, start with your customer’s needs. Find out what your ideal buyer looks for when shopping online, and tailor your description to those criteria. For example, if you sell snacks, your buyers probably want to know all of the ingredients in the product and how it will benefit them.

In your description, describe the features and benefits in terms of how they’ll improve your buyer’s lives. Explain how the product will increase their pleasure or decrease their pain points, or simply make their life easier.

It’s also crucial to be specific about your product, and use keywords in your title and descriptions that are relevant to your products. These can help search engines match your products with relevant searches, improving your SEO.

If you’re unsure what words to use, research the keywords your ideal customers might be using when searching for similar products and use them in your Etsy shop. You can do this by looking at your competitors’ products and identifying the words they use in their titles, descriptions, and tags.

Your product description should be super scannable for customers, so they can quickly see what your item is all about and decide whether or not it’s right for them. This can be done by formatting your copy in a way that makes it easy to read. You can do this by dividing your text into short paragraphs, varying the font and size of each sentence, and using bullet points.

In addition, make sure your description is well-written and free of grammar errors. This will help your listing stand out from the rest and encourage more sales. The best way to do this is by paying attention to the tone and voice of your copy, and ensuring that it matches the style of your brand.

Create a good product image

The printables market is saturated on Etsy, but if you can find ways to stand out and create unique products that don’t already exist, you can make a profitable business selling your printable art. To get started, first decide what type of printables you want to sell, then design them from scratch using software such as Canva or Inkscape.

Then, set up your shop on Etsy and list them for sale. Each listing on Etsy costs $0.20, so it’s important to price your products appropriately.

In addition to pricing, you’ll need to consider your fixed costs and variable costs. Your expenses will include subscription fees, printing and shipping costs, as well as the time it takes to market your product. Once you’ve determined your expenses, you can determine a profit margin.

Another important aspect of creating a good product image is to make sure your photos are high-resolution and visually striking. In particular, you should focus on the front and back of the printable.

One of the best ways to do this is by taking photos of your product on a backdrop or by using a free photo-editing tool like Canva. Once you have your images, make sure to add a detailed description and use lots of keywords to help your product rank higher on Etsy search.

A good product image will also highlight your brand’s branding. For example, if you’re selling a thank you card in a pink-green color palette, you might include a gift tag with the same color palette to make your products look more cohesive.

Lastly, your product image should be clear and easy to read. Having a bad image can lead to customers deciding not to purchase your product, so it’s important to take the time to create an excellent one.

The most effective way to create an attractive product image for your printable art is to use a photo-editing tool such as Canva. You can use templates and design elements in the free version to create stunning designs. Then, you can upload your image to Etsy and list it for sale.

Create a good product title

Product titles are a crucial part of any shop on Etsy, and yours will determine whether buyers click through to your page or not. They’re also used by Etsy’s algorithm to decide which products appear higher on search results pages.

A good product title should be able to clearly communicate what your printables are and what they can do for your customers. It should also be unique and recognizable so that it stands out from the competition.

For example, you can use keywords like “watercolor art”, “scrapbooking”, or “colouring pages” to get your printables noticed by search engines and Etsy shoppers alike. Be sure to include the keywords in your product description and title as well, to ensure your items are found by customers.

Adding tags to your listing is also key for making it easier for shoppers to find your digital downloads. Etsy allows you to add 13 SEO tags, including keywords and phrases that relate to your product, which will help you stand out in searches and increase the number of clicks on your listings.

One of the biggest mistakes I see in digital product listings is not adding any images. Providing high-quality pictures is key to your success and will help your buyers see what they’re buying.

You can upload up to ten high-resolution photos for your printables on Etsy, so be sure to choose the best ones for your listing. Make sure to include a primary shot, different angles, closeups, and a size comparison.

Another important thing to note is that your digital files are usually smaller than your physical ones, so you may want to add a small image to your listing to help show off the quality of your product. This will also encourage customers to purchase your products and boost your sales!

When you’re creating your digital files, make sure to use the proper file format, such as JPG or PDF. Both formats are lightweight, which is important for selling digital products.

When you’re ready to sell your printables on etsy, take some time to create a good product title and description. This will ensure that your prints are easy to find and that your customers are able to get what they need quickly. Once your product is live, it’s important to promote it on social media and elsewhere to drive traffic to your shop and increase sales.

Create a good product tag

Product tagging is a key part of creating a good shopping experience for your customers. It ensures that they don’t encounter any hiccups when trying to buy a product. It also helps you to track sales and improve SEO.

You can use Shopify product tags to categorize your products, orders, and blog posts. They can be used to create a unified theme for your store and ensure that your products are easy to find and navigate.

While you may not need to tag every single product you sell, it’s a good idea to have a number of different tags that indicate the main attributes of each item. If you have a large inventory of products, having a variety of tags can help to keep them organized and searchable by customers and search engines.

The first step to creating a good product tag is to research keywords that are relevant to your product. These keywords should be long-tail and descriptive, which will increase your chances of getting found on Etsy.

Next, you need to write down the main features of your product and include them in your description. Make sure to write them in plain English so that your customers can understand them easily.

You can also use your product tags to target your products for promotions and discounts. This will save you a lot of time and resources in the future.

Another way to use product tags is to create reusable ones that you can reuse in all of your store’s sections. This will save you a lot of work later on, and it also allows you to target your products for promotions and discounts more effectively.

Using product tags can be an effective way to reshare user-generated content, but it’s important to keep in mind that you should only use standard letters and numbers as these symbols aren’t case sensitive. You should also avoid using other characters that might be considered special and confusing to customers. This will keep your brand name recognizable and encourage repeat sales.