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Many artists, illustrators, and painters are able to create passive income by selling digital downloads on Etsy. These downloads are typically templates, designs, wall art, or drawings that buyers can print out and use.

There are a few things that you need to know before selling your printables on Etsy. This article will walk you through how to set up your store, market your products, and make money!


Etsy is an online marketplace where you can sell handmade items, such as jewelry, clothing, and home decor. It also allows you to sell digital products, including printables.

The pricing of your product will depend on a number of factors, including how much time you spend creating it, what the materials cost, and how many units you expect to sell in a month. However, a good rule of thumb is to price your product at a rate that will make back all of the costs you have incurred in making it.

You should also consider the fees that you will be charged by Etsy. These include listing fees and transaction fees.

Listing fees are paid each time you create a new listing. These fees are $0.20 per listing and last four months. After that, they automatically renew for another $0.20 each unless you disable automatic renewal.

In addition to these fees, you must factor in the cost of shipping your products. This will vary depending on the size and weight of the package, as well as the destination.

If you are selling internationally, you will need to consider currency conversion rates when determining your product prices. This can be a significant burden on your sales, so you should make sure to list your items in the same currency as your payment account.

You should also factor in the time you will need to put into marketing your products and promoting them on social media. It will take time to build a loyal customer base, so it is important to plan ahead and invest in marketing efforts.

Another important factor to consider when determining the price of your printable is how much you will need to charge to cover all the costs associated with running a business. You may need to pay for rent, electricity, or equipment that you use to create your art.

As a general rule, you should price your digital downloads at a rate that will allow you to cover all of the expenses involved in making them. This will ensure that you can continue to grow your business and make a profit.


Printables are a great way to make passive income on Etsy. They’re easy to create, customizable, and affordable. Plus, they’re a great way to build your brand and attract new customers.

If you’re selling printables on etsy, it’s important to market your product well. This means making sure your listings are attractive and search engine optimized. It also means using social media to reach new customers and building relationships with your existing buyers.

When marketing your printable art, it’s important to choose keywords that are relevant to your niche and are likely to be searched by potential buyers. You can use tools like Erank to help you find keywords that are already in demand and have high search volumes.

You can also look at other sellers’ listings to see what works best for them. They’ve probably done their keyword research and created a comprehensive pricing plan, so they are more likely to sell large volumes of products.

Creating an informative description is the most important step in your marketing strategy. This helps your potential buyers understand the value of your product and how it will benefit them. It should include information about your pricing and shipping options, as well as a link to purchase the product.

It’s also a good idea to add a FAQ section to your product page, so your customers can easily ask questions and receive answers. This can also help you provide more personalized service and increase your customer retention rate.

Another marketing tip is to offer multiple size options for your printables. This can help you attract more international customers and ensure that you’re able to meet all their needs.

In addition, offering different file sizes and ratios can make it easier for your customers to download the files they need. This can also help reduce back-and-forth communication with your customers, which is important to creating a positive shopping experience.

When you’re creating your printables, it’s a good idea to use apps that can resize and edit the images for you. These can be helpful for resizing photos to different sizes, adding text and graphics, and more. You can even use them to make a custom design for your printable.

Inventory management

Whether you’re a newbie or an established retailer, inventory management is essential for keeping your products in stock and selling them. Without it, you could find yourself unable to fulfil orders in time and losing sales.

A good inventory management system can help you keep track of all your inventory at every stage, from sourcing through to sale. It can also help you determine when it’s time to reorder.

Inventory levels need to be accurately tracked, so that you can always know how much of a particular item you have in stock. An effective inventory management system can ensure that you have enough stock to meet demand at all times, which helps to increase customer satisfaction and boost repeat business.

The amount of inventory you should keep on hand depends on how fast your products sell, which is why it’s important to establish a good estimate of the level at which you expect to sell each product. Then, adjust your expectations each 90 days based on real data.

If your inventory management system has the ability to re-order automatically, you can prevent stockouts and save money on shipping costs. This saves you from having to manually monitor each batch of inventory and ensures you get enough supplies to meet demand.

Another advantage of an inventory management system is that it can help you manage returns at scale. If a customer has an issue with a digital item they’ve purchased, you can easily offer a refund or exchange.

Returns are a common problem for many ecommerce businesses, so it’s essential to have a good returns policy in place. This will reduce your costs and give you peace of mind that your customers are happy with their purchases.

You can manage this process by allowing customers to print a return label that’s included with their order, or allowing them to request a free shipping label on their own. It’s also a good idea to set up an email address where customers can notify you of any issues with their purchase, so that you can quickly respond and resolve them.

Customer service

Customer service is an essential part of running a successful business, and it plays a major role in your store’s search rankings on Etsy. Whether you’re new to the online world or an expert, excellent customer service is key to success.

First, remember that the customer experience begins from the moment your buyer arrives on your site. That means offering clean, detailed photos and accurate product descriptions.

Keeping these up to date is also essential, as good photos are the best way for a buyer to decide whether or not they want to buy something.

You can contact Etsy’s customer service representatives via email or phone, but it’s usually best to do this through the Etsy Help Center. This will direct you to relevant help articles and answers.

The Etsy support team is always on hand to help, and they’ll try to respond as quickly as possible. However, depending on how busy they are and your question, it may take a few minutes for them to get back to you.

If you’re in the UK, Canada, or Australia, you can use live chat to talk with a representative. Just select this option on the help center page and begin the conversation with the representative.

Alternatively, you can create a ticket and leave it on hold for a representative to answer your questions. Tickets are automatically created, so it’s easy to track and keep an eye on the status of your inquiry.

Once you’ve logged in to your account, click on the “Help Center” tab and select the topic that most closely matches your issue. A few pages will appear, and each one will provide you with information about how to resolve your problem.

If your question is too basic to fit into the Help Center, you can always ask a live agent for assistance by chatting with them. However, this option is not available for all users, and you will need a web browser to use it. Nevertheless, it’s worth the effort to try and find this alternative route if you have a question that can’t be answered from the Help Center.