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Whether you’re new to etsy or are already selling printables, you can easily boost your shop’s visibility by creating a variety of digital products. These downloadable items are easy to make, low cost to create, and don’t require you to store or ship them.

The best way to sell digital art prints is to market them smartly using SEO search terms in your product descriptions, titles, and tags. This will help shoppers find your products when they search for a product like yours on Etsy, Pinterest, or Facebook.

When it comes to pricing your printables, you can choose to offer a range of options to meet the needs of different buyers. For example, you can offer different sizes or even provide an option to print them on a frame.

There are many resources online that will allow you to create your own templates for free and resize them easily. One of the most popular choices is Canva.

Another great tool for etsy printables is Corjl, which is an online design software that allows you to create downloadable files. This makes it easy for customers to access and edit their purchases, especially for things like invitations or birth announcements.

Creating customizable etsy printables is an excellent way to increase sales and make them more personal to your customers. For example, you can include a place for them to enter the name and date of their event or a place for them to add text for a customized version of your printable.