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Etsy instant download prints are a great way to generate passive income and build your brand as an artist. Digital products are affordable and require little effort on your part, making them ideal for entrepreneurs who want to grow their businesses while still having time for family and friends.

How to Sell Digital Art Prints on Etsy

In order to sell digital art prints on Etsy, you need to first create a digital file of your artwork. This can be done using Photoshop or another editing software. Once you’ve edited your digital file, you can upload it to your shop on Etsy.

Make sure that you add keywords about your product to ensure that it shows up in search results. This can help you attract the right kind of shoppers who are looking for your type of products.

Create a Cover Photo and Tags for Your Digital Products

A cover photo is the image that appears above your listings on Etsy. It is the first thing that people see when they come to your store. The right picture can make all the difference to your sales.

Using professional level photo editing is a must to give your pictures the right look. This is essential to attracting potential buyers who are looking for the perfect gift for their loved ones.

Offer Customizations

Offering customizations for your digital downloads is an easy and profitable way to generate extra income. For example, if you sell birthday cards, you can offer customers the ability to customize their card with their name, age, or any other details. This makes your product more desirable to them and they will pay a small premium for the opportunity to personalize their card.