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Digital download art prints are a great way to get your artwork in front of buyers. They are easy to sell, require no shipping, and allow buyers to download the product immediately after purchase.

To list a digital download, create a new listing and include the image you want viewers to see for your product in the Title. If you are selling a PDF file, make sure that it is adjusted to the proper printing size and add a note in your Listing Description that states that your buyers can download it directly from your Etsy store once they have purchased it.

Creating a digital download for customers is a great way to generate income for your shop, but it is also important that you market the product well. A great way to do this is by blogging about your products and sharing them on social media platforms.

Another way to promote your digital products is by creating tutorials that show how customers can print a pattern, cut a printable, or fold an origami craft. This will save you a lot of time answering questions via messages and will help you improve your customer service experience.

Use Photoshop actions to transform photos into cartoons or sketch art

Photoshop actions are a great way to add fun and creative effects to your digital files. There are plenty of different kinds to choose from, so there is bound to be something that will appeal to your audience.