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How to Create and Sell Digital Art on Etsy

Selling digital download art is a great way for artists to make extra money. This type of product is very popular on Etsy and it’s also a lot easier to sell than you think.

Using The Right Keywords For Your Digital Art

When creating your digital art, you need to think about the keywords that people will use when searching for your artwork on Etsy. These keywords can help you reach new buyers and increase your sales.

Digital Wall Art – The Most Common Keywords

When people search for wall art on Etsy, they will usually type in something like “digital wall art” or “art prints”. This is because most of the time they are looking for a digital art print that they can download and then print themselves.

This will save them a lot of money because they don’t have to pay to have an original painting or limited edition print made. They can simply download a file that they can print at home or at their local printing store.

Adding a Sizing Chart to Your Listings

When selling digital wall art, you need to ensure that the image fits standard print sizes in the United States and abroad. You can do this by creating a sizing chart that includes the pixels used to design the image.

How to Add More Photos Of Your Digital Products

Once you have created your digital download files, it’s important to make sure that they are displayed in a way that buyers can see what they will receive. You can do this by adding a number of lifestyle mockups to your listings that feature excerpts of the printables within other contextual pictures.