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Selling digital art prints is a great way to build your reputation and attract new customers. But it’s important to do your research before you set up a store.

Getting your shop and products optimized is essential for sales on Etsy. SEO will help potential buyers find your artwork.

Set a Price

Digital art prints are an excellent way to earn extra money online. They require very little skill to create, and you can sell them to anyone. Whether you’re a new artist or an established business owner, digital art can be a great income source for your Etsy shop.

A key component of selling digital art prints is competitive pricing. This means that you need to set a price that is reasonable and reflects the quality of the artwork on display.

The best way to determine the right price for your digital art print is to do research. You can search for similar products on Etsy or use tools like Sale Samurai to see what your competitors are charging.

When it comes to pricing, you should consider the time and cost of creating the item. You should also account for the materials that you’ll be using to make the product.

Once you have all the information you need, it’s time to determine your price. There are a few factors that will influence your final price, such as the size of the piece, how long it takes to make and your skill level.

One of the main challenges with pricing digital products is that consumers may undervalue them. This can be more of a problem if you have to pay for shipping and fulfillment services.

Another issue that can affect your pricing is the risk of theft. You should always include a watermark on all your designs and photos so that it is impossible for someone to copy them.

You can also add a note to your buyer’s Etsy account after they purchase their item. This allows you to connect with your customers and provide them with a more personalized experience.

Finally, you should always remember that even with digital products, you will need to be active in marketing your business. This is because you’ll want to drive traffic and sales to your shop.

Create a Listing

If you’re a freelance artist or a small business owner, selling digital art prints on etsy is a great way to build your customer base. The online marketplace makes it simple to list your digital products for sale and deliver them instantly. It also offers secure payment processing and refund protections.

To get started, you’ll need to create an Etsy account and then open a shop. After creating a shop, you’ll be able to add listings. In addition to listing your art prints, you can sell other products such as paper goods and crafts.

Before you start listing, make sure to optimize your product description for search engines and shoppers alike. This will help your product stand out from the competition and encourage more buyers to make a purchase.

A good starting point is to do keyword research. This will help you understand what potential customers are looking for when they search for your products on Etsy. Then, you can use those keywords to optimize your product descriptions and title tags.

Once you’ve determined which words to use, create a description that explains the product in detail. This should include all the important features and benefits of your product. You can also include a few product-specific tags to make it easier for buyers to find your prints on etsy.

Another thing you should do is to offer a range of sizes and aspect ratios for your artwork. This will allow customers to customize their order and choose a size that works with their wall space.

The more options you offer, the better your chances are of a successful sale. In fact, a 2019 Vice article recommends offering up to 20 variations of an art print for customers to choose from.

It’s a good idea to have an image of all the variants included in your listing so buyers can see exactly what they will receive when they order your digital art. This will help increase sales and make your art look more professional.

You can also offer an option for buyers to download their art in a PDF format. This will make it much harder for anyone to edit your artwork. It’s a great way to differentiate yourself from other sellers on etsy, and it will make your digital art prints look more professional.

Add a Photo

A digital art print is a fun and exciting way to make a little extra cash. Not only is it an easy way to earn some extra spending money, but you can also customize your prints to fit your personal style – from canvas to HD photo papers to brushed metal. It is also a great way to repurpose your favorite family photos and add a little flair to your walls without breaking the bank.

You can create and sell your own art prints for as low as $5. The best part is that you can do it from home – no special equipment needed!

Before you can list your wares, however, you need to take the time to learn all about what makes a good piece of digital art. This is essential to ensuring that you are delivering the highest quality product possible to your customers. You can do this by evaluating your current inventory, reading reviews from other Etsy sellers, and researching the best printers, materials and techniques to produce your wares. Ultimately, a high-quality product is the key to a profitable etsy store.

Add a Description

Adding a description to your digital art print is crucial if you want it to sell well. You can use a few strategies to write a description that will attract more customers and boost your sales.

First, you need to find the best keywords for your digital art print. These keywords will help your listing stand out on Etsy. You can use an app like Insightfactory to find the best keywords for your listings.

Once you’ve chosen your keywords, you can start writing your description. Try to write it in emotional terms and make sure that you emphasize feelings rather than facts. People are much more likely to buy something if they can connect with it emotionally.

You can also try to explain your artistic process in detail. This can help potential buyers understand how you created the artwork and why it’s unique. This will allow them to connect with your artwork on an emotional level and increase your chances of making a sale.

Another way to describe your artwork is to include a story. This can be as simple as saying that the piece was inspired by a certain place or that it represents something important to you. This will encourage your readers to connect with the artwork on an emotional level and will prompt them to purchase it.

Finally, it’s a good idea to include your website address in the description of your artwork. This will give potential buyers a chance to visit your website and see more of your work.

In addition to including keywords, you can also use a tool called tags. These are keywords that you can add to your product descriptions and title to promote your items on etsy. They will help Etsy match your item to specific keywords that customers search for on etsy.

To add tags to your listing, you need to make sure that you include 13 tag spaces for each product. This will boost your listing’s visibility on etsy and increase the likelihood that it will sell.

The most common strategy for selling digital art is to include a variety of sizing options in your description. This can be helpful for customers who are looking to create a new wall art space or want to find out what works with their room size. You can also offer multiple paper types, including a canvas.