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If you sell digital downloads on Etsy, it can be tricky to get them printed if you’re not familiar with printing and downloading files. We’ve rounded up tips and tricks for you to know how to print out your digital downloads on Etsy.

Before you can print out your Etsy downloads, you need to make sure that the file type is compatible with your printer. The most popular file types on Etsy are JPEG and PDF, but you’ll want to be sure that you choose a format that works best for your printer.

How to Print Out Your Digital Downloads

When you purchase a digital download on Etsy, you’ll receive a receipt email with a link that will let you download your file. You can also find this link in your Etsy account.

Once you’ve downloaded your file, you can print it out at home or send it to a professional printing service. Some digital downloads are simple enough to print at home, while others require more advanced printing and design techniques.

How to Make Your Digital Downloads Marketable

Before you list your printables on Etsy, consider the price range of your products. You’ll want to price them based on the cost of your product, including fixed costs like design software and production, plus variable expenses such as shipping and handling.

You can use tools integrated with Etsy to track your competitors and determine the price range for your printables. You can also optimize your product descriptions, titles, tags, and alt texts for search engines.