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Whether you’re a new or experienced Etsy seller, knowing how to print etsy prints can be an important aspect of your business. The two main ways you can print your etsy artwork are by selling digital downloads or physical copies of your work.

Digital Printables

If you’re a beginner, start by creating a few products that are available to customers as printables. This will help you build up your store and attract more buyers to your shop.

Create a variety of different designs and offer them in various file formats. Some customers may prefer PDF files, while others may prefer JPEG or PNG.

Use high-quality images and graphics that are clear and crisp.

Consider using a print-on-demand printing service for your printables to ensure quality and a speedy turnaround.

Get started with a free trial of Printful!

Once you’re signed up, create your best-selling products and list them automatically.

How to Print etsy Digital Art

Before you can sell your digital art prints on Etsy, you need to have a high-quality print file. This will give your customers a realistic view of what the print will look like and allow them to decide if it’s right for them.

You can also upload your own high-resolution image if you have the right tools for it. However, make sure the image is a high-quality photo and not a screenshot of your computer.

Once you have a print-ready file, you can upload it to our website and choose your desired size. You can also select the paper type and orientation. We have a variety of paper sizes and colors. You can also add a binding option to your order.