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Digital downloads are a great way to make passive income as an artist without having to store inventory. Whether you’re a home decorator or an art entrepreneur, there are many opportunities to create and sell printables as a digital download on Etsy.

Creating Prints from Etsy Digital Files

You can print your digital file from your computer at home or upload it to a printer for printing. Using an online printing service like Staples or Vistaprint can help you get the best prints with a variety of printing options and competitive prices.

Choosing a File Type for Your Digital Download

Most digital file downloads on Etsy come in the JPEG format. This is the most popular format because it is easy to edit and print on a home color printer. However, JPEGs can rasterize text and graphics, which can cause distortion when printed. The better choice is PDF, which doesn’t rasterize images or text and offers higher quality printing.

Adding Product Images to Your Listings

If you’re selling digital downloads on Etsy, you’ll need to add good-quality photos of your digital files to the listing. Having physical product pictures can be a great way to promote your printables while also preventing copyright infringement.

Creating Lifestyle Mockups of Your Printable Products

As a seller, you can create mockups of your printables to show them in context with other items in your shop. Adding life-style mockups with excerpts from your printables inside other contextual pictures is an effective way to increase your search ranking and customer experience.