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Etsy is a popular place for selling handmade items from sellers around the world. One of its unique features is the ability for shop owners to sell digital print. This is a great way for sellers to make extra money and also helps them find new customers who are interested in their designs.

How to Print ETSY Digital Print

The first step to print a digital print is to find a good quality printer. This is important because it will determine how good your prints will look. Generally, you should choose a printer that uses high-quality inks and paper. This will ensure that your prints look great for years to come.

Once you have found a good printer, it is time to decide what print size and style you want for your prints. This is a big decision and it can get a little bit complicated. If you are not sure, I recommend that you do some research online and read reviews from previous customers.

Another option is to use a printing service such as Staples, which offers many different sizes and styles of art prints. This is a great way to get the exact size that you want, and it is usually very affordable.

How to Create Mockup Images

Having mockup images is an essential part of selling your digital art prints on Etsy, as it gives your customer a better idea of what the product will look like when they are printed and framed. You can either upload a mockup image into your listing or create a Smartmockup for your design and then add it into the product description.