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Printables are a great way to make money online, but it’s important to know how to market your digital art prints on Etsy. SEO is a critical part of getting your art print to the top of the Etsy search results, and it’s also an easy way to differentiate yourself from your competition.

What’s the Best Art Printable Niche?

There’s a lot of overlap between the types of printables that sell on Etsy, but there are some specific kinds that do well. For example, people love to purchase printables that help them track goals. Similarly, they love to buy printable bookmarks in the same designs as their artwork.

How to Start Selling On Etsy

Once you’ve made your printables, the next step is to list them on Etsy. You can create a new listing or edit an existing one, but Rachel recommends creating unique listings that stand out from the crowd.

She suggests using all 10 image slots and making sure each one is beautiful so customers can see exactly what they’re buying. She also advises adding a high-quality description that includes keywords that potential customers will use when searching for your product.

How to Market Your Printables

Another important part of marketing your digital art prints on Etsy is to optimise your tags and titles for SEO. This will tell Etsy that your products fit the needs of your potential customers.

You can also market your digital art prints by sharing them on social media and through other online channels. You may also wish to consider offering multiple sizing options for your prints, which will help you get more sales.