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Etsy downloadable art is a great way to turn your creative flair into a profitable business. There are no costs to creating a digital artwork (other than the Etsy fees), and you can sell the files instantly to customers.

Selling a framed Digital Wall Art Print

If you have framing skills, selling digital wall art prints can be an excellent side hustle or extra source of income for your Etsy shop. Basically, you sell the art file to customers and they can then print and frame it themselves for a fraction of the cost.

Pricing For Digital Downloads

It’s best to price your digital downloads at a price that makes it attractive to a wide range of buyers. There are a lot of digital art prints for sale on Etsy, and you’ll want to make yours stand out.

Offering Different Size Ratios

You’ll want to offer different size ratios for your digital downloads so that your artwork will fit well in a variety of standard home printers around the world. In the United States, you’ll want to offer US Letter (8.5 x 11”) sizes, while in Europe you’ll want to offer A4 sizes.

Making Images For Your Listings

In order to create listings for digital downloads, you’ll need good quality photos that show the product in its best light. Using mockups created from your digital files is a good way to get these photos onto your Etsy listings without violating copyright law.